Kim Iversen: ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Becoming More Commonplace In Vaccine Mandate America

Kim Iversen makes the case that vaccine mandates are arbitrary and un-American.

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  1. You can tell how biased this reporting is by the language she uses. No rules are arbitrary. There's a reason for everyone of them even if you don't understand them. No vaccination law in the New Jersey constitution… is there an article anywhere in there that's more broad that can be applied to public health? I bet you there's no rules in their constitution for stop lights, but I bet they still have them. How about real news? I'm betting you can still make your point without the hysterical language used only to emotionally manipulate instead of inform… or maybe you can't.

  2. Ugh, please stop referring to homeschooling as low quality. We homeschool our kids, our oldest just got highest scores on her college entry exam. Clearly she’s learned enough from our ‘low quality’ schooling.

  3. i love this!!! Amazing job, my grandparents always told me… Watch your own Plate!… as in stop worrying about everyone else and focus on yourself. So i truly appreciate your perspective.

  4. This is insult on American Democracy and invasion of America by Thugs! If you never live under horrible fascist regime you will experience very soon of horror of monsters regime, if you will not stop that! Good luck!!!!

  5. Data proves homeschoolers get higher scores on standardized test and a better education than public schoolers. Parents who take their children out of public schools are saving them from nonsense taught in public schools like CRT, LGBT, all the masks and vaccine mandates, bullying, drugs, shooting, etc. Take your children back. Parents who homeschool their children are wise and responsible and should be respected.

  6. If you didn't think that many Americans would support mandates then you haven't been paying attention to politics and the polarization of society over the past few decades. Many Americans value the (inaccurate) notion that the federal government will 'take care' of them, and freedom places a poor second when their priorities are truthfully listed.

  7. You know during WWII people DID COMPLIED too and soldiers said: “ We just doing our job!” . Those people end up you know how after… and they called helpers of fascist regime to grow. Is that what you want?… If not, than stop regaining fascist power to grow by just simply stopping complying with them!

  8. “This vaccine doesn’t work like other vaccines”

    Perhaps because it’s not a vaccine. They actually changed the definition of vaccine so this would qualify as one.

    Take it or not, I don’t care. But it’s not a vaccine, in the traditional sense.

  9. All I can say is, If you are an upcoming lawyer then there has never been a better time to make a name for yourself!
    Healthy citizens being discriminated against by mandates that are not even laws, Coercion, Breach of Nuremberg code, constant flip flops of their "science facts", Surely it's a field day for you lot if you have the guts.

  10. So what was the legislation being voted on that day? Some of the things we're witnessing today I didn't think we're ever going to be possible in America, but they're finally making their move to seize the power from the people…to grant themselves full government control…this will not be the last time and this won't end well for them

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