Kim Iversen: Spain & Israel Finally GIVE UP Containing Covid. Mom Locks Son In Trunk To Avoid Covid.

Kim Iversen asks “where do we go from here?” in regards to Covid.

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  1. The biggest social experiment / Now they have much data to plan the Next hit that will be BRUTAL, those who are not attent to the signs will perish in the first wave.

  2. im against mandates with the exception of the infected keep the thing going. but if people dont get the vaccine by choice and they die its on them. i do know what effects me and 7 people i had known as friends are dead. all but one was a trump voter and im a left leaning liberal progressive . we where friends and i mess them . the way they voted was their business. and the fact they voted was more of a thing then any non voter. its hard to fight a virus because it has no plan too attack.

  3. Your graphs of the death rates are painfully in accurate, Once you factor in the deaths with Covid versus the deaths from Covid, and as you well know they are 80 to 90% fewer than what was originally reported.

    Please qualify those statements with the reality that we have all been lied to as a global population about how deadly it is not!

  4. The scariest thing about covid is how easy it was for governments to rip away even the most basic freedoms (even walking around your neighborhood) and how fast so many people turned on each other.

  5. data is used with agenda thats a fact. still looks way more trust worthy then polls. data if just numbers can tell you trends of most anything and always be correct. as for this on here seemed very straight forward. maybe the issue is if you understand data and how and why its always the truth. you see numbers dont lie people do. how you cant understand amounts V population effected may not be the data it most likely is you. 1+1=2 same same across the board. just understand the math and abandon your opinion . one is fact the opinion is not.

  6. hey a women in frys market got all nasty with me because i was wearing a mask. im in my 70,s and have had a hart bypass. i said nothing too her for not wearing a mask. if she likes taking chances with her life im okay with that . even if a mutation that kills every human on earth is going to happen. because of her not getting the vaccine. what the heck personal freedom too infect everyone else right?

  7. I can't even get a new job without the "fully vaccinated" requirement that I see in all job applications. They're coming for us. In Canada, by the way.

  8. in fact data wise its not that huge a thing. the black death killed 65% of all western europe . that that was the low end data with the best outcome. people went to bed and when they got up the next day the most lucky where still living . there where three types and the least deadly caused 65% death toll. so the 3% that are admitted to the er dying needs to be seen for what it is. luck its not far worse.

  9. I have lost patience with the scared bunnies (former friends and colleagues) and told them to lock themselves in their basements until they come to their senses. I'm not playing this game anymore especially when I see the "privileged" folks acting like nothing is going on. They seem to know that it's all a sham.

  10. That story about the woman getting her finger cut off did NOT happen in Australia. It actually happen in Perth NY and that is the guys mug shot. She was his ex wife and he and his girlfriend kidnapped her for 6 days.. FAKE NEWS..

  11. The U.S. has more deaths than Israel because of how terribly unhealthy the majority of our population is. I'll forgive Kim for thinking that the boosters actually help.

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