Kim Iversen: US Admits To Using PROPAGANDA To PSYCH Putin Out

Kim Iversen discusses the role of U.S. intelligence in manufacturing consent for intervention in the war in Ukraine.

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  1. Kim is “fair and balanced” just like Fox News. Taking the opposite view makes you biased not balanced. Alternative takes are necessary, but some of y’all are just habitual contrarians fighting the MSM.

  2. Kim, you were getting to the truth (re if they had intelligence about Russia attacking Ukraine) -Listen to Putin! He said, IF THEY GET TO THE RED LINE and red line was not giving a written promise do not include Ukraine to NATO, keep Ukraine neutral, follow Minsk agreements!!!! In February Zelinsky was in Germany and Germany's canceler was trying to convince him to agree to this, to sign! But he did not! and we did not say: Look, Putin, we are not going to accept Ukraine to NATO, NO WE WANTED RUSSIA TO BELIEVE THAT IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE WE WANTED THIS WAR!!!! You are totally right in this or other videos when you talk about this…or other things. Thank you for doing great job! i will Bill M. (HBO) would invite you to his show and you could talk like this!

  3. Russia had completed total destruction of their chemical/biological weapons in 2017 – three years ahead before it was to be finalized… asks why the US hasn't done the same to destroy their biological and chemical weapons and manufacturing facilities?!?

  4. ummm…I hate to tell you guys, but the only thing worse than the Intelligence Agencies, are "journalists". The problem is not the they are lying, its the fact that "journalists" are reporting things without actually confirming them to be true. Its the intelligence agencies' jobs to lie. Its the journalists' jobs to not fxxking report it out until they confirm it with some form of reality…if memory serves it used to be with 3 different sources. That just feels like some form of fairy tale now. Just reporting what they tell you makes you the propagandists and an arm of the government.

    Also, you tards, Russia wouldn't ask China for weapons because Russia makes China's weapons. If Russia makes China's weapons that have no reason to ask them for weapons.

  5. They aren't lying to Russia. Russia knows the truth. They know they are not going to use chemical weapons. The government and the media are lying to you and me. We are the ones, the government is trying to control through lying.

  6. Remember Mike Pompeo's speech at Texas University A&M how he told the audience as when he was CIA Director that the CIA lies, cheats, and steals – in addition to having training manuals on how to do them – then to chuckle how the CIA is the total opposite of honor to West Point where he had attended as a cadet…

  7. NSA: This COULD happen. Biden Admin: Gotcha, we'll inform the public. PSA: Based on NSA intelligence, this WILL happen. We're relaying this disinformation as it's designed to confuse Putin, it's not a lie, it's counter intelligence. We're correct either way since we specialize in "I told you so". Trust us when we lie to you; it's for your own good.

  8. No Ryan, there are the people analysing and there are their bosses and the bosses bosses all the way to the top of an intelligence agency. When a report is presented to the administration, it has already gone through the fog of the intra-agency politics. This fog is where the Deep State tentacles connect agencies to actors on the outside. The report that little Johnny wrote in earnest, was later edited by his sister, his parents and the neighbour's dog before Johnny submitted it to the teacher.
    As for the US intelligence spying on everyone and knowing everything, they were never sure that Russians were going to invade, or where, until the very last moment. This was reflected in Biden's evolving statements. Sometimes, the agencies are almost certain about some things, yet in this case they were not. Biden's people even said that their statements on invasion are a kind of deterrant to prevent it. They were saying things like 'The Russian troops are in position, but Putin hasn't made the decision yet', 'He hasn't made the order yet' and 'If Putin decides to invade…' These clearly show that the US did not know it for certain. They thought that it could have been prevented, because it could have, just not the way they did it.

  9. There are Media members all over the spectrum like Ryan that are there to cause the listener to question their own eyes and ears to sew uncertainty. They are on the right and left. Media is Government for the most part.

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