Kim Iversen: US Media IGNORES Zelenskyy’s Anti-Democratic CRACKDOWN On Dissent

Kim Iversen calls out U.S. media for condemning Vladimir Putin’s attacks on free speech but ignoring the same kind of attacks happening in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy attends a talk with journalists in Kyiv, Ukraine on Oct. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky, File)

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  1. God bless you Kim. You keep giving us the only reasonable take on unbiased reality according to the definitions of words and expose the hypocrisy of those who deny honoring the truth by their blind biases. These two guys you are decimating with the truth and I understand your frustration in dealing with them but I wish somehow instead of answering them you could imagine that you are responding by giving your audience the flaws in their argument, IDK i pray for you some to find some way to not let them frustrate you or make you give up because we need you. Your two co-hosts need you. I pray for them to wake up. Simple fact is that, fine what Russia is doing it is doing. Based on our history of doing even worse things (based on even lies), how is it logical to think that what Russia is doing is offensive when it is clear that it is a response to western aggression that has gone unchecked for a long time. And its response is not without attempted negotiation or warning. These two guys act like we have never invaded a country before. It would be like a father saying its somewhat reasonable that his son walks up to many people and punches them in the face but if he hears that another kid walks up to a kid and punches them in the face it is an outrage and unjustified.

  2. Kim, I totally agree with your view. Really admire your firm stand on the ground. The entire Russia-Ukraine War involves more than fight-for-democracy for Ukrainians, it is rooted from the greed and partisan interests, fear for losing influences, provocation of some sideliners… Instead of having the West keep adding fuel to the fire by supplying more weapons to Ukraine, the West should encourage (even facilitate) rounds and rounds of meetings between Russian and Ukraine. Political ideologies like democracy becomes meaningless if the people are fleeing, dying or seriously wounded from the war.

  3. Ryan and Robbie, need to get more educated in this topic. Kim knows what she is talking about. Russians and Ukrainians are related. This is a real civil war. Kim, you should have your own show! These two guys don't have balls, and they are closed minded. They are either not knowledgeable or they are just scared to talk the truth.

  4. It seems to me that the US government is for some reason not allowing Zelenski to come to any negotiating deals. It’s sad to say but I feel that that’s the case. Who knows why. I’m so tired of all these wars so sad.

  5. Kim is the only objective voice in the Hill. Robby and Ryan are clueless about the story of this conflict. Kim stated the uncomfortable truth. When you pick the bear for 30 years with the expansion of NATO as they have done, this war was the result. NATO has no reason to exist other than manufacturing conflicts so they can keep weapons manufactures making more weapons.
    Seriously, peace is the enemy No 1 of the weapons manufactures. Period.
    And Kim is right, as always.

  6. I think " invasion" that was meant to be demilitarization was justified and I am sick of everyone saying Putin was bad for doing what he thought was necessary to do because NOTHING else seem to be working. Ukraine is so corrupted land that moral is no longer available there. Media is lying that Ukraine is winning this war and they are presenting Ukraine like normal, reasonable, democratic land to people and when people come there to fight for Ukraine they usually end up as human shield and often by force so media is just sending people to sharks basically. Russia is far more reasonable land because it's not govern by drug addict actors that Biden chosed to put there to pretend to be government. Zelensky people are so evil they use civilian space to attack Russian army and then blame them for killing civilians that They actually killed so they don't care about their own people. They should negotiate with their GOOD neighbours but instead they want to destroy whole land there and it's crazy how media supports this war but I know the reason are Sanctions because that will cause more INFLATION which is the main goal of Great Reset when they said that owning home and car will be too expensive and that it will be more affordabe to rent-" You Will own NOTHING and be happy!" – that's why Putin needs to be "bad guy" and invasion is "bad". No it's justified you idiots, that's politics, get used to it ! Zelensky is jewish but he is using neonazis as human shield as well and he released prisoners and this idiot put women on the first front, I f hate that inhumane fake Biden/Trudeau/Schwab trash person pretending to be president when he is there just for himself. He is a trash governing corrupted land but media presented him as Nobel price person haha, it's insane…

  7. Kim is the reason I watch this show. She is the voice people need to hear. She isn’t picking sides. She is obviously supporting peace. But She is just stating the facts. Why is she being labeled a Russian supporter. Geez! She is absolutely right. Russian was poked time and time again and what do you expect. Ukraine was used as a puppet. Just say what is the right and not just what is politically correct. I respect you Kim for standing up!

  8. ahem … Assange???? hello? …The US government is as guilty as Ukraine or Russia in shutting down opposing views. US government has already lost its credibility. The CIA is not an intelligence agency but a agency generating lies and disinformation, as Pompeo himself admitted that CIA do whatever it takes, even STEALING and LYING!

  9. I love Kim! She is the only reason I watch this show! She brought objectivity and the voice of reason into this show. I sure hope they pay her what she deserves! Go Kim!

  10. Ryan's ignorance is startling. NOT a civil war in Ukraine?? There's a been a civil war going on there for eight years! I'm surprised Kim didn't push back at Ryan on this.

  11. Kim may not be all there all the time, but she brought it and reminded Ryan , the history buff, that negotiating with a government sometimes requires invasion and as the United States has done before, the ruination of a country.
    That is just history, no good guys at all.

  12. I rarely watch Ryan and Robbie radars anymore. Kim is the reason to watch. It doesn’t create good debates or balanced views with condescending comments from Ryan and Robbie.

  13. Kim is right, we put anti missile turrets on the Russian border and then aired publicly "We look forward to Ukraine joining Nato" – Kamala Harris, the one thing Putin said would start an invasion. When will the lies end ? , This government is sending us into the abyss.

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