Kim Iversen: Voters Want To SWAP Biden, Harris For New Duo In 2024

Kim Iversen lays out potential options for Democrats’ 2024 presidential ticket.

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  1. A lot of people liked Andrew Yang and his policies were psuedo enacted during the pandemic, proving he was right about needing him. He could have beaten Trump, and could in 2024.

  2. I really don’t get the adoration for Michelle. She has no experience in politics, she looks like a man, it was a running public joke that she hated being in the White House and the public eye, and she said that she was proud to be an American for the first time while her husband was in office. I think she sucks.

  3. I voted for Sanders in the 2016 G.E. I voted for Tulsi in the 2020 primary before casting my ballot for La Riva in the general. If the 2024 G.E. is Biden Vs. Trump, and given the "lesser of two evils" premise, I will absolutely vote for Donald Trump. On the souls of my grandchildren, I will NEVER vote for another democrat. They're nothing but thieves and liars and I can't wait to see their corrupt party dashed on the rocks of American history.

  4. Well, phony Biden Admin. did not win but made it to White House siege ( Jan, 20, 2021 instead of Sept. 17 , 2020if , which I remember very well ) as plan due to those election voting fraud and malpractice mainstream / censored by Big Tech Company as more much truth/evidences come out this year. So the truth is the truth while the cheaters are always the cheaters , who still can't hide from God's faithful people and ancestors in the past, present and future.

  5. Six categories of donkeys:
    puppets like Biden and Harris,
    masters and handlers like Obama and Nanci,
    progressives like Sanders and Warren,
    radicals like Gang of Four,
    decent and just moderates like Tulsi,
    and the rest are the followers.

  6. Lol. There are people that I hate and think are
    Complete idiots that I would vote for before any
    Of the current Democrat hopefuls . Michelle Obama now ????!!! NO FN WAY.

  7. There is no hope for the democratic party the big lie destroyed their credibility because the people expect their vote to count it will be two maybe three elections before they ever regain any respect at all unless they replace everyone in congress now.

  8. How about we instead swap out the Democratic Party for the people's party or the green party these these completely corrupt scumbags will only come up with another completely corrupt scumbag for us to vote for against the republicans

  9. Why is Kim Iversen smiling? Any progressive's knows that progressive were moving a way from both the Republican and Democratic parties, because both parties are about war. So, it doesn't matter who is in the White House, because the establishment has America back in the two party system.

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