Kim Iversen: What is MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS? Is The Public Being Gaslit?

Kim Iversen explains what “mass formation psychosis” is.

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  1. A lot of people aren't just randomly going crazy, they have been conditioned and manipulated to believe in only one solution. This conditioning and manipulation are being carefully executed by US health institutions led by Fauci, Big pharma interests and its powerful stakeholders and all the media bought by them. Just analyze the facts and make your own conclusions.


    Not kidding. Literally let the other people talk. Use that time to put concise thoughts together.

    Felt like Ryan droned on and on and on. He brings nothing of interest to the table. He is where a strong segment start goes to die as he thinks out loud.

  3. Mass psychosis is nothing new it makes it may be called something different now but it's always been around ever here of a Lynch mob or peaceful protest that turns into a riot it's exactly the same thing on a much smaller scale

  4. We are living in a truly dystopian present. Things that we were warned about in novels and articles throughout the 60-80’s we are now living in 2022. People are so willing to tolerate authoritarian actions even in a democratic society. Germany, Australia are among the jaw dropping examples. We need to remove these people from power. Leaders like this are dangerous. And the people who believe this is authoritarian far out number the scared people willing to follow anything the government promises, even if it’s a false promise of a return to normalcy. That was promised to us post-911. It didn’t happen then. It won’t happen now. Not unless we demand it.

  5. So we shouldn’t believe a medical expert about mass formation psychosis, but we should believe the media, even if it is the hill (Ryan). 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. "Look, I'm — starting to believe in some of the stuff the cult guy's been saying —
    some of it makes a lot of sense!" Adam Sandler, Joining The Cult

  7. For a little more thorough understanding of mass formation, perhaps rigorous enough for Robby (I doubt Ryan is ever going to get it), there's a recent interview between Chris Martenson and Prof. Desmet on the Peak Prosperity channel here on YouTube that offers a more in-depth explanation of mass formation and how it relates to our society today… coming from a credentialed expert if Malone and McCullough aren't authoritative enough for you.

  8. There is such a thing as OVER analyzing something and losing sight of the big picture. That theory is pretty weak and just stating all the elements are in place is highly arguable. And ALSO, historically, vaccines have been the answer to disease time and time again.

  9. In the end of the day they are kind of saying the same thing. But some people like to use new fancy terms to "explain" an uncomfortable phenomenon and cause hysteria and shed responsibility.

  10. A lot of people who have not lived under these conditions have a hard time believing it exists or identifying it. Trust me it does exist, I have personal experience and understand this after escaping a cult myself and seeing how it is possible to be under undue influence/brainwashing/mass formation psychosis. I escaped 3 years ago and learned about this by Steven Hassan BITE model. Same thing is happening now…

  11. kim's the best her association of the prison industrial complex with MFP was really good i love that she's exploring topics she's not afraid to think things thru with the audience, great episode

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