Kim Iversen: WHERE Is Epstein’s Client List? Elon Musk Pushes DOJ To Make Names Public

Kim Iversen questions why Jeffrey Epstein’s client list has still not been revealed.

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  1. Kim! You Rock! Lawsiut comeOn,did someOne Get money under the table? Realize it! Them going down the drain. Its time for A change! Those who killed the rainforrest have to go from power!

  2. Robbie is such a hack. He always try's to $hit on Kims news pieces with his lame beliefs. Kim gives her narrative , then he says, "no, I think"… then he always trys to have the last word by taking out " I think" and saying, No its definitely what I say with his smug belittling tone.

  3. Trump was investigated over and over even when the authorities knew he was innocent and Hillary was not seriously investigated even though the authorities know she is guilty on multiple accounts 🇺🇸 god save our Republic and get the corrupt criminals in jail or better yet in front of a firing squad 🙏🏻

  4. The question is not where Epstein list is but rather where is Jeff Epstein is I think he is not dead but that he was taking to Israel probably change his name and got plastic surgery and his probably walking around very alive

  5. What troubles me about this discussion is that this requires a rather massive conspiracy of silence of some sort and that one has to think that the system is massively corrupt. But if that was the case, why was Epstein arrested in the first place? Was he not rich and powerful enough? If this nebulous group of rich and powerful people is allegedly powerful enough to see to it that Epstein "died" in prison, why would they have allowed him to be arrested in the first place? If the DOJ was quite willing to arrest him and put him in prison, why would they not do likewise with anyone else if the evidence was clearly there? What exactly is meant by "powerful"? It makes it sound like we're talking about witches and wizards who can command dark demonic forces. But in the end, they're just human beings who happen to be very wealthy. Can it really be the case that a federal judge might be sitting on bombshell evidence indicting the "rich and powerful" of heinous crimes but is scared for his life? What am I missing?

  6. Do you forget the fbi let his lawyers clean out his safe full of videos , most likely blackmail. That's why it's not leaked.

  7. The Pentagon just weighed in on this controversial issue. They claim that a UFO landed near the secured item, then aliens abducted Epstein's client list. They SWEAR their statement is true, and is having the FBI investigate the case further, just as soon as they can find Hunter's missing laptop.

  8. I think just like the guy wrote, “The powerful protecting the powerful”. Maybe in 50 yrs. the list will come out, if we still have a world then. Seems the plan the elites have we’ll either be dead or enslaved by the Great Reset.

  9. More of a reason to provide the names because we all need to see for real what these people are capable of not just guess work. Yes, they don't want to be globally shamed.

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