Kim Iversen: Why Americans Are MAD AS HELL At Democrats

Kim Iversen details the shock victory of a truck driver in the race for New Jersey Senate District 3.

President Joe Biden, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe image courtesy of AP/Alex Brandon

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  1. This segment is a lot of empty rhetoric. I’ve been a Kim support for years (on her own channel) and she’s usually more substantive than this. Numerous times, she complains about what the government is doing wrong but gives no specific solutions. She keeps saying “Things need to change, but the government shouldn’t give us things.” Ok, what SPECIFIC policies do you want to see implemented???

  2. You are part of the problem. In fact you are the problem. You villainizing Trump and it becomes an echo chamber.
    You are few but because you control the media , you are ten times lauder.
    The majority of Americans want Trump back.
    Don't lie to us that we want another candidate because you want someone else.
    You validated a corrupt election and now you at it again.

  3. The only time we are grateful to is when you lied about Killary Clinton'.
    If you did not lie about Killary's popularity the establishment would have stolen the election for her just like they did for Biden.

  4. The Democrats can't win the middle class now that their agenda is out in the open, so they will put the destruction of the middle class into high gear. They intend to have the formerly middle class broken and jobless, and eating out of their hands in a few short years.

  5. How about "Don't drive up gasoline prices for no good reason." How about denouncing the Marxists who vote for you? How about rejecting the anti-Zionists? How about stop calling us racists and white supremacists for wanting the immigration laws respected or for not wanting radical Marxists to provide the history lessons for our schoolchildren? How about stop denying the right to keep and bear arms, even as you rob us of police protection? How about you admit that the right to protest does not include the right to inconvenience — much less to close roads, to deface with spray paint, to break windows, much less to burn? How about you stop trying to send men to life in prison for violating non-existent laws when they refuse to be criminally brutalized — and blaming them for "provoking" criminals by trying to stop crimes? How about stop trying to loot the tax payer and inflating the money supply to enrich supporters who didn't even earn the money in the first place? How about stop threatening to end the filibuster or to pack the Supreme Court. You used the filibuster, and you thought the Supreme Court was just fine when it did your bidding.

  6. The reason Democrats are losing is because they continue to call more than half of America racist bigots which is so untrue shows you are the Democrats use race cuz they running point, doesn't work anymore

  7. They need to address the real problem. The big government unions control everything. They have all the power. The government has gotten so big , people will never vote against the unions in fear of losing their jobs. we are essentially doomed to the will of union control and power. First union that needs to banned is the teacher's union. they teach lies and have become immoral.

  8. I wasn't sure what this channel was all about, but I really liked this. I really think you nailed it on this one. I wanted to yell, "Yeah", after your points. By the way, I don't really want our politicians to just switch to say what we want to hear. I want them to believe it. For that reason, we need new people, not just the establishment to change their rhetoric.

  9. We need to start shipping more of our goods across the U.S. by rail,due to a shortage of big Rig truck drivers and high gas prices. We need the courts to stop all the blockade of off loading goods off the cargo ships near LA and Long Beach,Ca to prevent shortages.

  10. We need the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse Joe Biden’s Executive Orders on the Vaccine mandates,shutting down the Keystone Pipeline to get gas prices down. And reverse the shut down of the completion of the border wall,and open border policy,so we can close down our southern border. Biden is a one term President.

  11. The Democratic Party is going to implode within the next couple of elections if they refuse or fail to support canidates with some common sense,instead of Dead Wood like Joe Biden who should be removed via the 25 th Amendment. Because of his blunders and dictatorship policies.

  12. I don’t think most Americans know how powerfully the US economy has recovered. In 10 months almost 6 million jobs have been added to payrolls, the biggest gain in US history. They don’t know that gdp growth this year has more than doubled the best Trump years. They don’t know that monthly deaths from all causes have declined from 373000 to 250000. They don’t know that the number on unemployment declined from 21 million last thanksgiving to 2.4 million this thanksgiving. They don’t know that oil prices worldwide have increased the same rate as in the US, that Biden has nothing to do with that increase.

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