Kim Iversen: World Health Organization Treaty Makes Global POWER GRAB

Kim Iversen breaks down the WHO pandemic treaty, and the #StopTheTreaty hashtag trending on social media.

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  1. Why do we even need to have any association with the WHO in the first place!! We are a sovereign nation and we can take care of ourselves! We shouldn't even be considering any of this BS!! Why is this even an issue we should be discussing??

  2. It was February 4th 2020, when I happened to be watching cable news::: WHO:: "This virus is highly unlikely to have human to human transmission….." in response to efforts to control incoming travel from China. So, it seems that this contributed to the spread of the pandemic rather than helping to contain it. WHO has lost any credibility. Signing an agreement with WHO would be horrific and dangerous. Thank you for your reporting, Kim.

  3. NO to WHO TREATY! What a mess the Plannedemic was to the world for 2years ! OMG stop in NZ and what a blinken mess Jacinda has done to NZ..cut it out we want our freedom to call our own shots not to be dictated to.

  4. We've already experienced under the present language the mandates imposed based on WHO recommendations.
    Secondly. language means eveything in respect to law.
    Shall and Must are directives (commands). See BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY.
    Certainly not an innocent change when interpreted under any challenge… the result will be binding.

  5. Yes we are at it again. We are not the ones conspiring against humanity! The rich are the ones looting and pillaging during this time of chaos! It's a power grab, plain and simple and we are awake to their tricks!

  6. Here's the thing. The WHO covered up, then downplayed the virus at the behest of the CCP. So, they have shown themselves to be a corrupt, or at least bias organization. Also, when the real truth finally came out what did the WHO do? Did the WHO throw themselves wholeheartedly into developing a vaccine? No! It once again fell on America to save the world. Regardless of how you feel about vaccines and some of the other shady stuff that has been perpetrated during these trying times, no one can deny it fell squarely on Americas shoulders, not the UN or WHO, America! Pfizer, Moderna, J&J… I don't think any of those are headquartered in China or Geneva!

  7. Just like Ukraine, the US pretends not to be a part of this WHO scheme just like the human rights thing but its kinda using a proxy to do its war either militarily or politically and now health matters.

  8. USA must not have power on health or millions more will die as they won hands down the prize of most deaths from covid-19. They may have the sinister and toxic intent to harm its enemies using a world health control system.
    China did a great job on covid but US wants to bent the story – thats how toxic US is.

  9. The goverment took away liability so no vaxx for my kids in the 80's. The only people that approve of such insanity are brain dead fluoridated zombies made by monopoly media.

  10. She starts off dismissing the concern voiced by Russell Brand and “conspiracy theorists” and winds up saying there is reason to be concerned and now is the time. That’s the way it came across anyway.

  11. Kim, ur awesome. Where i am now there's So few likeminded people. Ur my hero. Keep going. Surround yourself with people that lookout for each other. God bless….Always….. Eben

  12. Are you that slow your either to lazy to verify the documentation or part of the problem. Because our leaders are saying they will give over their power in the next global outbreak or the existing one. We don't give a dam about power hungry leaders that want to control and dominate the submissive, enslaved population. People are waking up to the real problem… And it doesn't have a thing to do with us. It's a small group of evil people who rule our countries murdering and enslaving us. Like in the movie Planet of the apes. They woke up.

  13. Remember the dems wanted the U.N. to 'investigate' racism in America? Remember that video with the guy from China telling Americans we need to do what we're told concerning Covid? Has anyone been watching the videos of the World Econmic Forums, the Global Government Summits, visiting their sites, along with the U.N. site, etc., or the One World Religion Summit, of which even the pope participated in? Does this sound like a government who isn't willing to 'comply' or one who shows up to summits and forums where global elites are deciding what all countries will or will not do in the near future. I first heard about China's digital money, a system that also tracks every transaction in the country, as well as other tracking at the Global Government Summit, and I clearly heard the opening speaker, after smiling as she asked 'Are You Ready for the New World Order' and hearing the clapping, saying that she understood the U.S. would be implementing that digital system soon. Funny that our 'government' hasn't bothered telling us that yet.

  14. I'm sure Americans with a brain know how dangerous it is to sign over our sovereignty. The WHO handled covid terribly. WHO is in Davos with quess who, the world economic forum.

  15. My sincere recommendation is to get the WHO Dissolved…. they’re corrupt to the highest degree. As Gates & Gavi are the biggest donors, this is insane. Why is the WHO, not looking into prevention of virus or illnesses, VACCINES ARE NIT THE ANSWER….& that’s all they’re pushing….with Bills heavy funding.

  16. The problem with this analysis is that it's pretty much beside the point whether or not the WHO has any enforcement power. The point is that by having nations sign-on to the WHO agreement, the governments of the nations themselves have all the excuse it needs to impose its own mandates, lockdowns, or whatever else they want to do — and then blame it on the WHO. This is just part of the encroachment of authoritarian technocratic influence over the general population — and since when don't governments want more power to control people?

  17. uhh, russell brand is not a conspiracy theorist Kim. he always shows receipts incl WHO's own website. Like you Kim, he is an independent thinker, saying exactly what you're saying here

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