Kim Iversen: Zelensky Rings NYSE Opening Bell And Declares Ukraine Open For Billionaire Business!

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Destruction for profit. I tried to tell you all quite some time ago, that it was and is a phony-war, its nothing but a "great" Reset of the Ukrainian infrastructure to be destroyed to profit the selected partners of Zelensky and Putin. Its so obvious, wake up Ukraine and the the world!

  2. It does not take a lot of research to discover why specific people of power are pushing for more war in the Ukraine, some are doing it because it makes them a lot of money (defense industry) and others are doing it because they have been making huge amounts of money there for years and want even more (politicians….).

  3. Daddy Warbucks needs endless war. The big shark military industrial complex and all its sucker fish can't stop swimming or it will die. Maybe this is why they pulled out of that other country in such an unforgivable fashion because they had been preparing for this next phase of imperialism since the American coup in 2014 of Ukraine.

  4. Thanks Kim,
    I guess this is a test – can 1 billion people manifest peace and honest democracy over billions of dollars trying to manifest lawlessness, greed and control of the human race?

  5. If we Have Spent BILLIONS to support Ukraine already. doesn't Zelensky already owe us the US Tax payers for what we have already paid his Country . Now, He is selling his resources that we have already paid for. not one more penny of my taxes should be spent to give away to a country now selling off it's assets .Our Country is not receiving a return on this investment that the people had no say in . way to go LETS GO BRANDON. lock me up IRS not paying for this SHIT.

  6. It really feels like the whole Ukraine situation is scripted and directed by Hollywood, and sponsored by big corporations. It is so thick with propaganda, staging, and scripted events…

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