Kimberle Crenshaw and Joy Reid caught red-handed LYING about CRT not being taught in K-12 schools

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. Leftists spreading their hands over k-12 curriculum "Move along! Nothing to see here!" while conservatives try to shine the light on what's REALLY going on!

  2. This is a great insult to all of the earnest education activists applying CRT to pedagogy for at least twenty years. Do their own "stunning and brave" efforts mean nothing? If they are proud of their efforts why agree to have them erased by Crenshaw of all people? She's claiming with a straight face on national television that they don't even exist.

  3. I am sorry but its true what she say. "It is news to her" she is using double speak. She knows what she is saying when it is news to her, for its her news that was given.

  4. It's just semantics. They can say, "No, CRT isn't being taught in K-12," because the actual theory isn't. That's been in the law schools for years. It's the same way they discount anything they want to gloss over, by throwing in terms like "widespread" and "mostly peaceful." It's just enough to cover their fact checkers.

    The local news where I live has a regular "Verify" segment where they substantiate or refute claims made online. The other night, this segment focused on whether CRT was being included in the curriculum in my state. They consulted a local lefty PoliSci professor who they use for a lot of stories. He explained that CRT is a theory taught in law schools blah blah blah. They used this to say that the claim of CRT in the K-12 public school curriculum is false. Again, semantics. I downloaded the high school social studies curriculum standards directly from the Department of Public Instruction website, started looking through it and it is FULL of references to the principles of CRT and its practical application.

    I would hope that every state makes the public school curriculum, or at least the state standards, available. I would suggest everyone search it out and hold the policymakers accountable.

  5. When they talk about teaching the true history of the US in K-12n they aren't talking about slave trade, segregation, red lining, etc… They are talking about the howard zinn spin on it which about as far from reality as the "sanitized version" they claim is tought in schools

  6. It's worse than just lying. They use deceptive language like "I's news to me" which they connect to some tiny part of what is being said. I know you know that, but some in the audience might not. Their behavior is disgusting, if not evil.