KimDotCom Says Hunter Spied On The Big Guy – Documents On The Laptop



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  1. Salty Thank You for being a voice for the people🙌🏻
    Seriously whoever is running this drip drip drip operation!
    Come on we’re tired as Heck here!!!
    Throw Us A Frigging Bone Here😖

  2. We all know the laptop has been compromised and many of the documents have disappeared as long Brandon is in office and that pathetic doj is there we’ll never find out the truth

  3. Almost all of our elites dem and repub are on the same time and all cover for each other. It's always two more weeks or wait and see. Look at all those people who followed that Q bs thinking sometime was going to really happen.

  4. Spying on the US vice president during the Obama admin? Why is this not a nation wide headline story? We all know why. If this were the Trump family, we would have been hearing about it non stop for the last 2 years.

  5. I know that the laptop is real, and I know that it was criminally suppressed by the FBI and the MSM, but I'm beginning to have my doubts about the recovery of these deleted files, because if it were as big a bombshell as they're claiming, they would have done more than just tease it by now. These people need to either take that dump, or get off the pot.

  6. If I were in the DNC, I would want this dropped ASAP as opposed to having to deal with it in the weeks before the election. Damage control takes time, and time also blurs the significance of these revelations. In that respect, I feel that they would rather take their medicine now as opposed to taking it in October.

  7. Im guessing they are waiting until closer to the 24 election to dump the info, but I truly cannot imagine Brandon running in 24, he wont know what galaxy he is in by then, if he knows now???

  8. No we are not going to settle with some pictures and some text we know the real things in there in Hunter Biden laptop is going to hang and we will not settle for anything less these child molesters are going to pay for their crimes with their lives the guilty corrupt ones cannot live no more out with this old order of child molesters

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