Klaus Schwab Henchman Talks About Humans Being Hackable Animals



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  1. They seem to be of the false opinion that there is NO SPIRIT within the human body! Even though there is a literal ton of evidence that there IS A SPIRIT within every human body! And anyone in touch even slightly with themselves, is aware of that Spirit within them.
    Further, they don't seem to believe in freewill, because freewill is not part of a digital 100% controlled society where there is NO room for freewill, or legal freedoms that support such.
    Hence, it would seem they don't believe in God and think we all just arrived here "somehow."
    And that the earth and all the cosmos, all just happened by "chance." Even though it ALL works in PERFECT harmony inorder to work!
    They DREAM – of being a powerful entity like God, and dream is the operative word. Because they, nor anyone, can be anywhere near the power nor intelligence of God the Creator of this ENTIRE UNIVERSE. All I can say, further to this is, GOOD LUCK with that. Some humans are funny, but not really.

  2. Here's some truth…
    Humans are animals and most animals are trainable. Most animals are NPC creatures, the really dumb and arrogant kind, lacking in logical ability and the genuine ability to empathize.
    Another kind of NPC is the type wanting to control others with propaganda, chips, mandates etc. They're NPC too, but they aren't stupid; their biological and mental programming is simply towards domination and destruction, whereas the majority of the human population trends towards stupidity and arrogance in their stupidity.
    In my opinion, they deserve what they get- all of them- because that's how this place works in its cause and effect cycle. I've come to peace with it and am just doing what I can to help those willing and eager to wake up.

  3. All of the extraordinarily evil people seem to to have one set of values in common: they see themselves as chosen and everyone else as servants, hmmm… Somehow, I was blind to it for so many years. Not anymore.

  4. Most are already hacked. These people who walk around with their faces glued to their phones/devices they can't make a move without them. Yes I watch mine but only for you salty and others like you and only for the few minutes y'all inform me.

  5. Now that the Pfizer data is beginning to see the light of day, they're desperate to get us good & subservient instead of angry at the 1.2 thousand deaths in just the first 3 months of administering the COVID vaccine.

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