Klaus Schwab (WEF) Wants Everyone Microchipped!!!

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Written by Dr. Steve Turley

Are we seeing the revitalization of Christian civilization?For decades, the world has been dominated by a process known as globalization, a secularizing economic and political system that hollows out and erodes a culture’s traditions, customs, and religions, all the while conditioning populations to rely on the expertise of a tiny class of technocrats for every aspect of their social and economic lives.Until now.All over the world, there’s been a massive blowback against the anti-cultural processes of globalization and its secular aristocracy. And it’s just the beginning.I believe that the secular world is at its brink, and a new conservative age is rising.Join me each week as we examine these worldwide trends, discover answers to today’s toughest challenges, and together learn to live in the present in light of even better things to come.This is Turley Talks.


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  1. Most people don't realise that putting electrodes and microchips into a human subject's skulls has been going on in secret since the 1960's.

    America, the land of, 'you can buy a prisoner and run experiments on them on the cheap.'

  2. The bible predicted this scenario 2000 years ago! Please read revelation and give your lives to Jesus. He died for each of us and paid the price for our sins so we can inherit heaven. There really is a heaven and hell which God doesn't want any of us to go to. Ask God to reveal himself to you. You can literally ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and ask him to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life. Jesus said if any call upon his name he is faithful to answer. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except by him… Strong exclusive words but spoken in truth. God bless you

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