Kristinn Hrafnsson “We live in a world where prisoners have more humanity than people in Government”

Kristinn Hrafnsson Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks spoke at a Don’t Extradite Assange Ralley in London he said “We live in a world where the prisoners in Belmarsh have more humanity than most people in Government.” Reffering to how the prisoners petitioned the Governor of Belmarsh three times to put Julian Assange in more humane conditions.

Written by TheWikiLeaksChannel

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  1. Julián Assange is America’s hero ?‍♂️ if it wasn’t for Julian we would of never found out about the evil democrats and what they were trying to do and Trump wouldn’t be President we own Julian Assange freedom because he is America’s hero ?‍♂️ free Julian Assange now

  2. The US wants "freedom" to do whatever they want with impunity, as they have decided they have that right above all others. Only transparency, afforded by people who have no conflict of interest, can more assure there will not be corruption.

  3. It’s time to address what this “political corruption” really is, and how far it spans. It’s fascism and to call it Political Corruption does a disservice to information, justice, and all of those suffering as the slow but steady conversion of not just the United States, but the British Empire, into brutal tyrannical world powers.

    I really feel for what Julian is going thru and have supported him for nearly a decade, but he knew what Trump was. He knew what Putin was doing to Americans. I understand wanting retribution and hoping that by exposing the people to how truly tyrannical their govt is by having them see a Dictator in office may bring about a positive revolution — but Julian is not a Revolutionary, or politically minded, he’s a Journalist. The plan backfired and now the US govt has had the full-blown coupe that’s been covertly building for some 60 years. Now history repeats. Now Jews are being massacred for the first time in history on American Soil!

    The brutality happening to Julian ramped up x 1,000 when Trump won and saw Julian as nothing more than a loose end to tie up. No one deserves to suffer like this – no one. As someone whose been aware of much of this even before WikiLeaks, and was brought to tears with inspiration and hope thanks to Wikileaks, Snowden, Anonymous, Manning, and all the Whistleblowers we’ve never heard of, or who are no longer living, I’m just so disappointed in hind-sight the complete tunnel-vision he’s had on the US. To not address the UK in the same way is dangerous, let alone the concentration camps happening in the East, or the rise of the Russian Empire violently annexing all former-soviet states — only focusing on the US still to this day feels disingenuous. The road didn’t start with Trump, it doesn’t end with Trump — Bannon and his secret group have gone on to make Europe 1933 again. The UK is the British Empire again — Brexit or not. A lot of people suffering from Cognitive Dissonance they were not strong enough to see their way thru latched on to these false “Anti-Establishment” against the status quo rogue political movements that are by no exaggeration a revival of Naz\sm. All of these leaks being methodically distributed around the elections got us here. Would Hillary have been any better — of course not. But it’s the divisiveness that was created in 2016 — and this fake “underground resistance” of the worst kind of psy-op propaganda grew out of Assange’s tunnel vision. Attaching his name and his thoughts, quotes, sound bites, and carefully curated leaks to these shadow groups like “Q-Anon” that are nothing less than Mass Mind Control State Propaganda Campaigns — playing the long game hardcore — and Julian not shutting this down while he was still able to communicate has left many of us, especially in America, increasingly resentful as time goes on.

    Honestly, if Assange wants out — he has to address this. He has to give those still left in Congress a reason to fight this bipartisan witch hunt against him. He needs to get out his story about WTF happened in 2015-2016. The Trump Administration is more dangerous than the Obama Admin because they see corruption as business, law as an impedance, freedom as something reserved only for the wealthy and brutal self-appointed leaders, and he’s been on a war path since the failed Impeachment. Regardless of Julian’s feelings on the Mueller Report, which I agree pathologically painted Julian as a “Putin Puppet,” it’s now being overturned by the Dictator who is disrupting the Presidential Election as we speak to prevent ANYONE from being rightfully elected who would STOP this persecution and prosecution against Assange. Make moves and get information and his story out there to help prevent someone whose been talking about his THIRD TERM as President (illegal), crucifying every single individual in the White House, DOD, DOJ, NSA, etc who will not give their allegiance to the Trumpian Reign over their oath of office; and it’s a complete bloodbath. Not enough credit is being given to Americans who’ve lost their lives en mass revolting for YEARS now, and they’re doing domestic military drills in both simulated models of real American Cities, AND actual American Cities like Flint, Michigan — so the US Military is prepared to turn Chicago into Afghanistan the moment the inevitable Civil Unrest erupts and won’t stop until he’s removed. We are looking at the repeat of events that forever traumatized and tarnished the entire world happening in a matter of weeks to months right in America. Air strikes at American Citizens by our own military. Things that Assad’s brutal regime is notorious for are about to happen in the US.

    If you want to inspire any of the few American Officials BEFORE they’re ALL purged from office (and it’s happening every hour since the Impeachment Trial ended) to fight for Julian and Wikileaks, and you guys ACTUALLY care about the people suffering most from what he’s reported on, then you know what you need to do and it must be done NOW. Quit living in fear and speak-up!!! We’re looking at all out civil war in the US at best, and all out Berlin 1939 as the most likely outcome. You wanted to shake things up, and that’s fine, yes we needed it and still need it, but it was not done in a way that was for the people — but moreso retribution based on Julian’s personal and very understandable motivations. If a nation was coming for me, and I thought I had a plan that’d both help me and the people of that nation, I’d try it too. The reality is that it failed. This must be acknowledged if you want support from the American people who will actually help you. Right now you’ve become part of this twisted Russian-made Propaganda Campaign of making every pro-Democracy, pro-transparency, pro-privacy, anti-war, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist public figure, like Julian, into “Anti-Establishment right-wing heroes.” How else do you think Assange got so wrapped up in Russia-gate? He walked right into the trap, and evenso was too egotistical to backtrack and pump the breaks — thinking the Truth was on his side; when Truth has now lost it’s meaning entirely in this age of Post-Truth and constant psychological warfare since 2016. Trump removed troops from Syria, then Putin’s army swoops in and massacres all the Anti-Assad revolutionaries and civilians. Trump and Putin, and all these 3rd parties in power who remain most powerful because we don’t know they exist — set a honey trap for Assange and Trump will ensure this “loose end” is cut. He won’t stop until he’s dancing on his grave. You all know this and so much more. I feel like the whole team is so demoralized they’re unable to see clearly.

    Walking on egg-shells hoping the Fascist British Govt shows mercy they don’t have to Assange hasn’t worked in a decade, and it’s not going to work now. Expose expose expose and get the information out you briefly touched on for 5 seconds of this speech. You’re clearly afraid to speak-up now. You’ve been effectively silenced by fear. This has to stop. I’m freaked out by even posting this (if it doesn’t get censored by YouTube).
    I’m telling you — it is the duty of Wikileaks to finish what they started. Acknowledge the mistakes and maybe simply apologize to your American supporters. You have no idea how far that would go with us. We NEED it. Otherwise I keep looking at the books Assange wrote completely focused on America’s misdeeds and how they bully the world, which gave endless fuel to Brutal Dictatorships to say “hey look what America’s doing, we’re justified for what we’re doing and can now tell our people America is behind every Conspiracy we’re actually doing to our own people!”

    Whatever happened to the deadman’s switch? Why do you have WikiLeaks Task Force (@WLTaskForce) officially linked on your site? Why have entire articles and leaks been censored, re-edited without any transparency, and deleted entirely (and removed from archives)? You need to address this! Why do you have weirdos like SuzieQ or whatever her name is still propagating to represent Julian? What is your role as the new CEO of WikiLeaks? Why are you not continuing the mission? This is supposed to be about more than 1 man. That’s a massive blind spot to have this entire organization live and die with 1 person — whether thats due to very justifiable paranoia, or by design — it’s a fatal flaw. Pleas address the people about ALL OF THIS if you want real donations, advocacy, and your updates on Julian’s case to actually be seen by MILLIONS.
    You have to give something back to people who feel so much has been taken from them in this process. Wrongs don’t need to be righted right now, but simply acknowledging mistakes, Feds getting involved in the organization, and say EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN HOW YOU MEAN IT in order for people to prioritize Julian above their own daily terror and suffering. This isn’t 2014, this is the end of the world.

    The core of this Matter of prosecuting and torturing Julian spans far beyond Press Freedom — you need to just call a spade a spade and say exactly what this state behavior is indicative of: FASCISM. We need honesty and transparency from Wikileaks.

  4. 6:00 Spanish government covering up for the yanks killing of Spanish cameraman, José Couso!
    "Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television station Telecinco, died after a U.S. tank fired a shell at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq's capital, WHERE MOST JOURNALISTS IN THE CITY WERE BASED DURING THE WAR."
    "Taras Protsyuk, a Ukrainian cameraman for Reuters, was also killed in the attack."
    "On the same day, a total of three locations in Baghdad housing journalists were fired upon by U.S. armed forces, killing three journalists and wounding four."

    Killing the truth from getting out is what it's all about.