Krystal and Saagar: BEST Battleground Polls For Trump In MONTHS As Election Day Nears

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the latest polls showing the race tightening in a few battleground states, such as Florida and Arizona.

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  1. Latinos in florida have fallen in the trap and became conspiracy theories believers. They truly believe that Biden will bring Venezuela and Cuba to america which is the dumbest thing ever.

  2. So they can't figure out the latino support. It isn't about trump or anyone else for that matter, its about policy, and a good portion of Hispanics hold religious conservative values. They do not agree with the left in those areas

  3. Why doesn't Biden just throw out the tiniest sliver of red meat to the Bernie crowd and push himself over the edge? Because HIS DONORS want Trump to win. There is no other explanation.

  4. Trump might be up in Texas by 10 points. Thats what the Gov. Told Trump in front of a Crowd of 30000 in Texas. Don't listen to these clowns. He's also gonna win Michigan and Pennsylvania, but you won't hear that here. Bidens money to the Hill Prevents that. Ha Ha we know the truth and you are SOL!

  5. Trump will get reelected and just go by recent history. Jimmy Carter only had one term because he lost to a great candidate in Ronald Reagan that excited the country. Bush SR lost to a young and exciting candidate in Bill Clinton. Obama and Bush JR were both terrible Presidents but John Kerry wasn't going to get the job done in 2004 because he was a terrible candidate and same thing with Mitt Romney in 2012. Biden is clearly no Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan and much closer to the other two candidates that were duds. Also Biden has supported some of the worst policies going back decades, He was apart of the god awful Obama administration, He won't call out left wing terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter and he offers nothing with policies.

  6. Very soon krystal will expose her true self. She will endorse biden and tell her faithful subscribers why they should all vote for biden.

  7. I think that a focus on "likely voters" is going to really cause some surprises this time. It may not but people really haven't caught on to the fact that older voters have been hit harder than anyone by the pandemic, and republican voters have been hit harder than democratic ones. Florida has lost 13,700 people this year, mostly from among likely voters . . . and that tilt alone would pull older voters left.

    I'm also not sure that "likely voter" polls include criminals who can now vote in Florida. Of course I'm also not sure if "likely voters" covers a lot of Hispanic voters. It's usually a democratic problem trying to get Hispanic populations to turn out.

  8. There's only one person for relief for the American people regarding COVID and that's Trump! The buget howks of GOP NOT! the Dems NOT and holding as hostage for non related Covid stuff

  9. I don't exactly positively want to see Trump win, but I don't want to see Biden win (and I'm not excited about a reactivation of neoliberal foreign expansionism), but I will say, seeing liberals angry is fun and gratifying, so I can certainly live with Trump winning. It's shit either way, but with Trump, liberal pmc scum are miserable and kill themselves, whereas Trump followers are working class people who are much more sympathetic, whatever people might like to say about them.