Krystal and Saagar: Biden Decides To REPEAT Obama’s FAILURES

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the latest updates in the infrastructure bill negotiations.

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  1. Inherited a crisis??? It went away so easily because it was a made up crisis!! I mean the virus is real but the fear and reaction was way over the top!! So easy to get over it simply by saying it's over. Look at Florida and Texas

  2. Free stuff illegal immigration and radical Marxist are the major reasons for the decline of this country. We're not a democracy were a republic. Democracy is Mob rule. Look at the city's on fire that is what the pure democracy looks like. Thomas Paine once said democracy in the purest form is evil. Unless you're smarter than the founding fathers communist and Marxist belong under our bootheel not Capitol Hill.

  3. The Biden agenda would only matter if Biden supported it. Guess what? He doesn’t. He and the rest of the neoliberals are the moderate Republicans of old. They live and die for and serve the interests of the elite donor/billionaire class.

  4. We need to help elect John Fetterman, Cheri Beasley, Charles Booker, and Tom Nelson into the senate if we are to avoid repeating 2014 where Republicans won control of the upper chamber and we need to encourage the majority of Democratic voters in each state to vote for these people in the primary and the Midterm elections.

  5. Third parties will be given a big boost by these failures, and the People's Party should get some candidates in office. Biden will add to the 9.3 mil foreclosures of Obama (and 20-30 mil ppl) and will make it easier to push Dems out.

  6. They are not risking losing the majority or should I say they don't care. They want what they want when they want it. A well as prepared to steal the election some of how through illegal immigrants.

  7. So as a Republican Saagar is excited about this not happening right? Please someone explain his faux populist position cause it seems like he’s having to lie to himself constantly just to breathe.

  8. Well at least they're not spending huge sums anymore. We can take solace that when nothing happens, government isn't running the money printing machines at 100%

  9. Hopefully they loose the house before they pay off all there union and crony supporters and destroy the country. You thought Dementia Joe and "heels up" Harris was going to be different, Romney is a Democrat and always has been. They were always going to tax the small people as the Rich are their base.

  10. Good will over vaccines which are creating a whole lot more vastly rich elites! No wonder the vaccines are being pushed so hard. Very profitable thank you!

  11. I really can't stand Biden!!! Say what you want about Trump but at least he took charge and was on TV all the time addressing the public!!! Biden has backed out of almost every campaign pledge he has made!!! Its maddening and sickening!!! Just give the country to China already!!! What are you waiting for???? You think life is bad now, high gas prices, astronomical high grocery prices!!! Just wait!! Its gonna get alot worse!!! We have to do something!!!

  12. America, you are falling behind. Your unreconciled politics and ideologies are stopping you from having nice things. You can work together, but I have my doubts. We, the world, need you.

  13. Americans are on Biden’s side and he is slow to realize this. Bipartisanship will continue to cause the United States of America to crumble.

  14. Hey krystal any tax in america is a tax on the middle and lower class. Either direct or indirect through high prices to offset corporate taxes

  15. Biden not running things. The Dems infrastructure package contains spending of which 90% is not infrastructure. I though Biden said during his speech to the joint session of congress that they should pass the things on which everyone can agree. If Dementia Joe meant what he said, pass the infrastructure items on the bill proposed by the Republicans.

  16. Saagar goes after Dems for being weak and not getting bills passed in the senate. But did he vote for the obstructionists party of Mitch McConnell? Does he lay at least some blame on the people who voted for the obstructionists to give them the power to block bills?