Krystal and Saagar: Biden Justice Department DROPS Cuomo Nursing Home Investigation

Krystal and Saagar review the decision made by Biden’s Justice Department to drop its investigation into Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home debacle

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Written by Breaking Points


  1. We always knew he was going to get away with it. This is why he didn’t care. I’m sure he’s good buddies with people in the doj. People like this think the elderly are useless money wasters.

  2. So this includes “rules for thee but not for me” Gretchen Whitmer? This is outrageous, I’m sorry. They investigated Trump six ways from Sunday and came out looking like fools and now that they were investigating actual cases that involved thousands of deaths they just drop it. This country is a banana republic.

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  4. Krystal is completely unreasonable here. If there were only blue states targeted, the correct move is to expand the investigation to include Republican states who did this (if there are any), not sweep it under the rug.

  5. A 10 year old could tell you putting the sick in with the elderly. How was this ever allowed? How were the corrupt ever allowed off the hook?

  6. And we thought Trump bragging he could shoot someone and get away with it was over the top, even thought it was just bluster. Cuomo killed 15,000 grandparents and Actually got away with it. I guess this is just a trial run for euthanasia for "wrong thinkers."

  7. So DeSantis is accused of "killing" people by opening up Florida but Cuomo actually made decisions that killed and hid the data and no one bays an eye

  8. So, when people tell you that the Democratic party is corrupt, here is an example that helps prove the point: killing people without accountability.

  9. Lmfao "was there political interference?" don't even ask the rhetorical question saagar when it is this blatant you two do realize you don't work for the hill anymore right?

  10. Now sadly him and the weirdos that follow him will use this as leverage to say ppl on the right are “crazy” Tin foil hat wearing who are full of conspiracies smh such a sad weird time to live in

  11. This is beyond egregious. He made an executive order forcing nursing homes to comply, then tried to sweep it under the rug, now they're dropping the case. The first elected official who campaigns on eliminating any sort of legal immunity from actions like this has my vote.

  12. These liberals are like battered women who keep going back just to get there ass kicked again. This shit is happening right in front of them and they just make excuses and dismiss it. Eyes wide shut. Cold world

  13. Cuomo was never going to be held accountable. Look up the corruption surrounding the Buffalo Billions project. As a New Yorker who was directly effected by that seeing no accountability I quickly realize he would never be held accountable and New York will never get better. People like to blame woke politics as what destroyed New York but a lot of it is the old New York political machine that has been running that city and state for ever that and put people like Cuomo in power.