Krystal and Saagar: Biden SPEWS LIES When Pressed On NAFTA, China Trade

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down Joe Biden’s previous comments supporting NAFTA.

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  1. Joe Biden is a liar, has always been a liar. He has no idea how to fix things, He is a D STUDENT. He is racist, said Racist things everyday. You vote for him you are an idiot.

  2. How could any American voter with a modicum of a brain cell in good conscious ever vote Democrat? The entire political party is based on lies, oppression, racism, slavery, bad business and trade deals, unrest, riots, Globalist money, Globalist Agenda, broken people, broke towns, cities, states, failed policies, and the absolute without question stupidest people running for office. It’s time the stupidest American voter stop thinking their Democratic candidate is going to rescue them from the social, economic, justice plight – and realize the best Government is the one that stays out of your face four years at a time.

  3. horse shit.. sanders sweeping the election.. so they halted the election in iowa.. rigged the system.. then continued with a biden sweep instead of sanders sweep.. its' all rigged.

  4. NAFTA was not re-negotiated by Democrats for the same reason they voted for it.
    NAFTA send US jobs to China and the Democrats were paid very well for their efforts, then Obama Biden sucker the people again with the promise of jobs, were elected and gave China a big hug and collected their next check.

    TRUMP on the other hand told China to GFT and brought jobs HOME!

  5. Our Vietnamese Americans will not “BLINDLY” vote for Republican Candidate. We vote for the policies and our beliefs: we wish for a strong America economically and morally. We don’t like a lawless country and against Marxism. We respect and love all lives regardless of your ethnic or gender, including unborn babies in their mother’s womb. We work hard , improve ourselves via education, and contribute our money and time to help other who are under-privileged, but we don’t like to pay higher taxes to take care of illegal immigrants and lazy people who are taking advantages of our welfare systems.
    I hope I express enough our wishes as Vietnamese Americans and will be busy to help Trump campaign for his re-election in November.
    I will not waste my times to bickering with other Dems. Sorry!
    If you want to vote for a dementia guy who has served 47 yrs in the US Government including 8-year as Vice President but leave nothing good for Americans and you also believe in a woman who advanced her career in bed: that’s your choice. Keep watching all violence, chaos, and look at more jobs going to China… if you believe in destroying America to build a better America: you’re totally ignorant and chasing a delusion. We escaped communism and understood that concept: when you destroy thing it’s very difficult to rebuild.
    Now who’s blind here?

  6. Joe Biden & anti-American marxist/socialist democrats are using climate change & environmentalism as an excuse to take jobs from American citizens & export the jobs to foreign countries to make Americans into consumers for foreign industry while making a profit for themselves & weakening the USA economy! Part of the socialist doctrine is to seize he means of production & no ownership of privet property for citizens, everything is state owned!

  7. The corona virus happened because Joe Biden, American & Canadian Politicians transferred & conferred Abundant wealth, resources, technology & status to weaponize China to attack the America & t & the world!

  8. Biden should have retired a long time ago! He lies about everything!! Plus he is so responsible for sending all our manufacturing job to China!!! He also voted for the invasion of Iraq,,,,which left many citizens of that country killed!! He should never be president!!! VOTE FOR TRUMP!!! ????????

  9. That's because Trump created millions of jobs before China virus so people were looking at the opportunity to get better jobs and better pay. There are millions of jobs opening back up again because of Trump.

  10. My sister lost her job in Flint, MI 2 weeks after NAFTA was signed. Her car visor shop closed, semi trucks showed up, loaded up the machines and moved to mexico where they'll work for .15 cents an hour and no bathroom breaks. Way to go Joe! Career politician knows nothing about business other than getting his family lucrative jobs to benefit his own aristocratic family. Don't go away mad Joe, just go away!

  11. He talk just like Nancy Pelosi, always with this really defensive tone. I guess when you've been in Washington for 40 years and haven't done anything you just assume a defensive position.

  12. The Democratic is promoting riots doing everything to destroy America so the world become a Communism, so no more freedom, no more justice and no more fairness to all citizens