Krystal and Saagar: Biden’s DANGEROUS Domestic Terrorism Power Grab WILL COME FOR YOU

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  1. I love how the comments on these video are mostly reasonable and in the middle. Other news outlets tend to attract extreme comments on both sides.

  2. In my country, when we have protests, they always become violent. The police are ordered to use force. The violence is always attributed to the opposition party (that doesn't exist, and there is video of known actors instigating the violence). The main media doesn't cover protests or focuses on manufactured violence or just blatantly downplays the entire thing. Soon after no one mentions any of this, we all just continue to live in a cage… It's slowly happening to you guys too.

  3. Sometimes you guys are naive. The FBI and other federal agencies could not recruit when Bush 1 was President. When Clinton took office, they were welcomed by the same people.

  4. Biden is just furthering the work Obama aspired to do, that is to create a national police force just as well trained, armed and funded as the United States Military. In 2008 when Obama was a new Senator running for president He campaigned for this in one of his first speeches. When he said it , the first thing that came to my mind was the former East Germany Stassy( Secret Police) which would disappear people. Democrats did not get rid of Patriot Act , Democrat seek to continue to expand on these Police State Powers. Antifa murdered people in the streets and these ( protesters) were arrested and the Portland District Attorney released them all with no charges. The Democrats are about to do something BIG that the masses will not like. Then Democrats will find a modern day MacArthur beat and kill people in the streets.

  5. Didnt sleepy senile joe actually say that we yield our Rights to the govt? Both sides think they rule us as gods…or kings….they are simply elected employees….they deserve NO RESPECT and NO adoration. They care about no one but their families wealth and their donors wealth.

  6. If the War on Drugs launched 50 years ago is any indication, who they say they’re targeting and why are not what they seem. They love hiding their real agenda in plain sight.

  7. Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."

  8. This has happened here in Australia. A journalist, who has only done journalism, has been arrested by a counter terrorism unit for being critcal of a politician. His charged with stalking which is ludicrous and the some of the bail conditions are not allowed to have images of the politician, not even a sketch

  9. I have nothing to fear. I'm not a terrorist. This is pathetic. Stop scaring these feeble minded white boys. ??