Krystal and Saagar BLAST cancel culture meltdown over Chomsky, Rowling letter defending free speech

Krystal and Saagar talk about the Harper letter on free speech that ignited a twitter debate over trans rights and other free speech topics.

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  1. Anyone who apologizes for signing the letter has now been indoctrinated by the Marxist cancel culture as guilty. Never, ever apologize to these fascists, you're just falling into their trap.

  2. And look at what happened to Barri Weiss…who has been harassed, bullied, insulted and threatened not only by strangers but by her very own co-workers and bosses at the supposedly free and open-minded New York Times. Yet the result of that was her glorious letter of resignation…???✌️, which cannot make up for what she went, and perhaps still is, going through, but is a strong and welcome step in fighting this rising tide of mass stupidity, ignorance and idiocy.

    Hopefully you’ll have her on as a guest sooner rather than later.

  3. What a JOKE. Donald Trump is not the problem here.. People on this list like JK Rowling, Chomsky and more are not feeling the nibbles of their revolution that is now starting to eat their own because there is nothing left but hate, more hate and screaming hate. Left is hate, what’s left is hate. Sorry but Biden is not going to be your Hitler, either too late for him or you… or both. People see through your false narrative and Trump is going to win landslide this time. They just keep quiet about it to avoid the psychopathic cancel culture.

  4. "There is no coordinated movement," according to Krystal. Really? Would you like to backtrack on that statement? Indoctrination in our schools IS the coordinated movement. It's what our young people are learning. By the time children move up to the college ranks, most of them become "WOKE," which carries with it the bags of white supremacy, systemic racism, bigotry around every corner, hate, words equating to assault, Marxism, … The "coordinated movement" is alive and well and permeates our institutions from our educational system, to the mainstream media, to our social media (censorship) platforms, to our politics, to the shock troops (Antifa, BLM) unleashed upon our society by the Democrats (who just happen to funnel BLM donations to the DNC). Wake up Krystal! Or should I say, "Woke up."

  5. These people have turned words like Safe, Unsafe, marginalized, racism, bigot, harassment, diverse, many other into cringe words. They've lost their meaning and weight.

  6. Cancel culture upholders are pampered teens that have zero life experience and actual knowledge of history

  7. Just to make the point that Orwell found "Animal Farm" almost impossible to get published in the aftermath of WW2, due to sensitivity to Stalin. Hence the letter quoted here.

  8. Its not rediculouse. This cancel-culture has been growing in the universities for years. This is being taught at colleges. How is that not indoctrination?

  9. Republican sweep of house and senate. Veto proof majority if you dont want trump. Section 230 reform. Make it law that only illegal content can be removed from social media and youll have conservatives go after leftists, restoring order in political discourse.

    I know many people dont like republicans, if the democrats would offer me internet law reform I would vote for them

  10. It's hilarious to me to see the lefts cancel culture monster turn on them. Only took a couple of them to get outed and now they are saying there's a problem.

  11. So what are you saying exactly? If we decide that someone's views on a topic offends us, we should continue to give them our patronage anyway — investing time and money on someone we've decided is full of crap? How does that work in a media environment that is saturated with content? Don't be ridiculous.

  12. Does anyone know any good (and more or less contemporary) ethical/philosophical work on this issue? Because to me it has always been a very messy problem. You either accept that speech/opinion can be some kind of violant/oppressive action in and of itself and begin to ban it (starting with the N-Word and finishing in the midst of some kind of cancel culture); or you simply ignore the power dynamical effects of speech and allow everything, which at the same time means to ban the banning, so to speak – and then you have to force employers to hire the neo nazi down the street because anything else would be discriminatory.

    What I mean is: Society is obviously still negociating the right amount of free speech and I would like to get a better grip on how to define this optimum rationally…

  13. I'm a POC. I'm not a US citizen. I like to think that I am a leftist, a progressist, an actual academic philosopher, and all I can say is… Where can I sign in that letter?

  14. Krystal is s*it at turning tables. Like it has to be done to point out the double standards on the right side. She tries to call right narrow minded (very old argument to call a conservative person narrow minded, very irrelevant in last 4 years). Saagab has done it the correct way – he called right-wingers who have pissed them off “hypocrites” (an argument that is usually referred to an entire liberal world ☂). He is aware of himself, he is self-critical – he judges the right & contemporary left according to the same standard. Krystal lacks all of it, just trying to turn the tables & is bad at it. Seemingly unaware of everything on a progressive side of an argument… acts like a typical European “fashionable” liberal conservative who does “trendy” stuff to impress public. “Right” is pushing back, media aren’t censored – they are exposed…

  15. Oh my God with the stealing point bullshit. Krystal ball doesn't think they're is a cultural war going on and that there aren't people behind the scenes using the cancel culture to their advantage. And we are supposed to get or news from these guys?
    These people literally talked about dog whistles and other idiotic catch phrases. If Krystal can't face the fact that the left has gone completely insane, she should find another profession.
    When The Hill started I thought it was great. But every passing day or just seems to go deeper and deeper down the toilet.

  16. Republicans are unjustly weaponizing free speech against the left. The right wing has cancel culture also, duh. Why doesn't Krystal bring that up? The attack on vox is unfair because all work places have employees who try to get each other fired on a regular basis including all media outlets. The producer of this show is a fox news contributor, look it up on wikipedia.

  17. You are dismissing people like Bret Weinstein. This is a coordinated effort by professors of social sciences and those who don't want to loose their careers.

  18. JK Rowling's comments about trans issues were as innocuous as this letter but going by the reaction to them by the trans activists, anyone would think she was calling for trans people to be exterminated.

  19. it's funny of how the Vox author jumps straight reflecting on how her colleague should be punish, without elaborating on exactly why what he did was so wrong…

  20. Bottom line is: If you disagree with someone, criticize, satire (Hell, feel free to lampoon) their opinions. Don't hurt them as a person, don't fire them, and don't chase them on the streets.

  21. This is awful. Couldn't listen for a full minute. The tone of voice and the lack of reasonable sounding dialogue. I wont ever listen to "The Hill" again. No matter what they are trying to say it just sounds like someone trying to jerk your emotions around. I found the style revolting. I'll bet they cry themselves to sleep hating themselves for the kind of people they have become – loud mouth trash-talkers.

  22. Chomsky is a hypocrite. He's already rationalized left wing authoritarian facism to his braindead follows by saying "it's okay because the right does it too." Totally devoid of intellectual honesty or moral principles.