Krystal and Saagar: Brian Stelter HUMILIATED LIVE On His Own Show

Krystal and Saagar take pleasure in CNN host Brian Stelter getting embarrassed live on his show

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Written by Breaking Points


  1. “You’re the problem Brian and what you say is why people don’t trust the media.”

    Instead of taking it seriously and offering an actual rebuttal, Brian laughs…. That kinda says it all.

  2. CA/Oregon Wildfires) I certainly love pristine pine forests, but the REALITY of the next 50 years of changed climate needs facing. We need to cut up Western US forests with yes>ugly 4-12? lane wide (lumbered)fire lanes to create well-planned “defensive line networks” right away while “cleaning” certain “large tinderbox” and/or inaccessible forest areas. Notanexpert, but could we somehow just (helicopter)emergency drop “huge fireproof tents” over secluded residences? Twiddling AC’d legislative thumbs while NOT rapidly doing intelligent precautionary steps causes even MOOORE greenhouse gases, wasted lumber, human/fauna deaths and destroyed power lines/infrastructure.

  3. So glad you guys have your own platform now! Your sound is not as good though and you need multiple cameras but I’m sure you’ll get there. Great discussion.

  4. Hate on the internet all you want. But it's the reason MSM is crashing and burning, and I'm here enjoying every second of it… Before we crash and burn by 2040 because of climate change.

  5. I’m a 35 yr old professional. Been watching you tubers since it started. There is an audience for people like Nicole Wallace if only for the reason that she comes across as a decent person.
    You guys just made money on this video gossiping about the “media” too. It’s not like you are above the fray, you are the media.
    Don’t be so smug or you will lose viewers too.

  6. Don't talk so much….listen more. Do that for those who choose not to vaccinate with the new mrna drugs, Breaking Point. You will become the problem you are railing against and people will see through that.

  7. Damn, that was cathartic. I will say to his credit too, despite any misinformation he's actually a decent writer which is equally rare of these media ghouls who are usually so banal, and as spoken to, pious/pretentious.