Krystal and Saagar: Capitol Rioter SENTENCED TO 8 Months For Taking Selfie. Is That Fair?

Krystal and Saagar break down the first sentencing given to a Capitol Hill rioter for the events on 1/6

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  1. Saagar and Enjetti, I've been watching you since last year and I enjoy your videos. You are pretty unbiased, very entertaining and you don't crap on any opposing sides. But I don't get something. You claim to be anti-mainstream news yet not only were you members of The Hill- mainstream news- you have a massive following rivalling other mainstream media outlets, even outdoing them in terms of viewerships. How can you be anti-mainstream media if you're mainstream media? Curious.

  2. He is a political prisoner, by definition. As would be anyone from BLM if they were imprisoned for a comparable “offense”. This is a grave miscarriage of justice. Those guys got led into a trap. CIA psy-op all the way.

  3. Reading several of the comments I see the words "wandered into the capitol" and "The getaway driver in the car" bullshit. They all should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest (and yes; so should the rioters last summer). One doesn't negate the other.

  4. You two need to wake up and open your eyes. MANY Black Lives Matter protesters are already dead and in the ground for far less than the wrong this fella partook in.

  5. It's a fair sentence considering he obviously did not hire the correct lawyer for the job. Most of these people are smart enough to obtain representation that is effect, therefore they deserve less time. If you fail to do that, the government should use it as an easy lay up and throw the book at you, since it is a better use of public money to make examples of people who have ineffective representation.

  6. I feel like 8 months is fair. He entered unlawfully. It's essentially breaking and entering. I think 18 months would have been egregious. Prosecutors will be making examples of people. It sounds like this rioter will be home before Christmas if he gets credit for time served.

  7. This charge is a message from our corporate-controlled authoritarian government to never challenge their power. If you do they will bring down extreme consequences.

  8. Saagar is completely bullshitting this. He wanted the military called in on BLM protests but would defend this from day one saying you can’t lock them up

  9. Love your Channel, but careful on Reporting Opinions. Thats how we got into this mess in the first place. People reporting Opinions, Positions, Agendas as News (Fox, MSNBC). Great show

  10. Comparing the invasion of the seat of power in the united states to a local police station is silly.
    The sentence was specifically obstruction of congressional proceedings, which he definitely is guilty of. Maximum sentence is 5 years, he got 8 months, and the fact that he was non-violent and that he plead guilty rather than waste the courts time is what brought that down.
    That seems like a pretty fair sentence to me, by the book. Those assholes beating police officers? Lock them the fuck up and throw away the key.

  11. 8 months is excessive, but I’m all right with sentencing that man (I’ll accept the idea he wasn’t rioting) to some length of time in jail. Trespassing in the legislative headquarters of the entire country should carry more consequences than trespassing in other types of buildings. You don’t need to believe 1/6 was a coup attempt to think that a government deter people from thinking that they can breach the Capitol and get a slap on the wrist. A fine that can paid through Go Fund Me is probably not a detterent. Then there is the violence. This wasn’t civil disobedience (which I believe would deserve some latitude), it was a riot where people — security and LEO protecting the building — were attacked and injured. Some deaths resulted. Even if the trespasser wasn’t involved in it, he wasn’t a tourist visiting the Lincoln Memorial who got swept up by accident. He came to participate in the protest and knew what he was doing was illegal. The onus is on him to be aware of what is occurring around him.

  12. 8 months for treason??? A federal offense? For treason??? Oh shit, looks like ima red coat for sure. 8 months for treason!? It’s insane, fuck the U.S law , ima turncoat

  13. I too am shocked by what happened that day. But I have to commend Krystal for putting the shoe on the other foot and what she said makes a lot of sense.

  14. This title is so misleading… he didn't get 8 months for a "selfie" he got 8 months for being PART OF AN INSURRECTION & INTERUPTING CONGRESS. Obviously he should get that sentence are you serious? They gave my friends longer for probation violations wtf is wrong with you?!?!?! You cannot be part of a group committing a felony and not be judged by the totality of the event. That's why if you drive to a robbery and the other robbers kill the person they rob while you wait inside… YOU are guilty of that crime as well. Because you intended to commit a felony as a group (just like he did by entering the capitol) & in the commission of that felony the group harmed people (in his case he's lucky they didn't charge him with murder the way they do us when we are just with someone who commits a crime). If they are going to do that to my friends they better damn well be consistent with it for this…. FYM?!?!?!?!?! Free all the non violent drug offenders first if you think this idiot should be let out.

  15. He wasn't sentenced "for taking a selfie", you disingenuous hacks. He was sentenced for being part of the mob that stormed the Capitol.

  16. brah…. these people need consequences, rioting over the government murdering people, vs rioting over fantasies, lets not make a false equivalency here