Krystal and Saagar: CNN Host SHOCKS Network By Admitting Hunter Biden Is A ‘Swamp Creature’

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to CNN anchor, John King’s statements about Hunter Biden.

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  1. I thought in a communist country one would deal with nepotism. In fact that nepotism works everywhere and is a condition of low conscience still is not ok. Ivanka never had a job that daddy did not give her, like lots of politicians and monarchs that are inherited their jobs and status. When would that human condition will change? We are still bowing to this horrible condition. There is no merit society yet. There is a rigged system. We are in 21 century but we are still behaving like in 15 century! SHAME! We must reboot the system!

  2. My 2 cents… this Trump and Deutsche Bank story makes anything that the Biden's are accused of, look like childs play… youtube search… "Tax returns shed light on entanglements between Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank | DW News"

  3. Why does President Trump's family go on TV and support his campaign? Why doesn't Hunter Biden support his father's campaign? Yeah that's right he's laying low because he is Joe Biden's drug-addicted Sun who took millions of dollars from the Russians.

  4. News Flash: Hunter Biden benefitted from his father's name. Yes, it may not be fair, but he is not holding any political office nor has he been appointed to any political position. If you are going to do a segment on how Hunter Biden benefitted from nepotism. Then do a segment exposing all the children who have benefitting from nepotism whose parents are holding political office, starting with Trump and his children.

  5. The cabal running the Democratic party has successfully stolen the presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders and his supporters TWICE in a row. What makes you think they won’t do everything in their power to try and steal the 2020 general elections for themselves?

  6. it matters to a fair number of us….we really wish the politicians and FBI were honest and uncorrupt truth tellers. Not to mention that Wallace cut Trump off before anything was answered about Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden family. It lands, Krystal, it lands….with everyone except the media.

  7. Its is kind of unfair to say Hunter did all of these things during his fathers time as a Senator or VP. His father has been a Senator or VP his entire life so you can apply that statement to every single part of his life.

  8. I had so much Hope in 2008. Obama fail big time; gave Wall Street the keys to the vault, didn't close Gitmo, started more wars, dropped more bombs. I will vote for Biden, but I have little hope this time that Biden will do anything really good.

  9. 3:00 "scandals don't stick to him in the same way", the problem for the decorum quorum is he is a "Pigpen" Charlie Brown covered in so much scandal that the new one disappears amongst the general muck. He is for certain no slick coated politician.

  10. interesting how some off these deep staters were going to start to be exposed. Especially in a Trump second term. Then all of a sudden a pandemic and race riots and nothing to see here…. how convenient.

  11. I don't see how Krystal can compare hunter getting money for literally nothing and Trump getting loans through banks for actual business purposes which have to get paid back…and she identifies it the same? I don't think she is aware of her bias and lack of objectivity. Or she is a shill too.

    "Every bit as corrupt." Trump literally has been put through the ringer in every aspect of his life And nothing deemed illegal. Policy over personality people…that's what matters here…and trump's policy is better for all of America. And clearly a lot of people around the world including the middle east.

  12. What makes you think we are moving past the Trump era? We don't care? How does the son of a vice president justify taking cash from all over the world? Trump is no idol, but he is effective.

  13. What are you talking about krystal Biden takes the moral high ground. Are you kidding me. He called the president if the united stated a clown. Biden was name calling and acting like a child. Come on man. Biden wouldn’t answer questions.

  14. Someone needs to inform Krystal that being corrupt depends on why you received foreign money…just because Trump does business globally doesn’t make him corrupt. He actually has a business and isn’t a career politician getting cash kickbacks for himself Nd his family for doing nothing but “sitting on boards”.

  15. Hunter was banging his brother's wife while Beau was in the hospital dying
    may have even been involved with Jill his stepmother
    Wonderful family values that Lunch Bucket Joe is trying to pitch

  16. Krystal once again shows her blatant bias and unfair treatment of Trump. The subject was Biden's demonstrable corruption. Yet Krystal, says that Trump is just as corrupt. Really Krystal? Care to be more specific about your accusations? Of course not.

  17. Remember when John Edwards got into so much hot water, because he had an affair … so he had to drop out? New NeoLibs: “I’m fine with Biden’s rapes, his family’s $10s of millions in foreign entity payoffs, with his family’s $1 billion in foreign entity ‘loan guarantees,’ with his smearing the left, with his promising banking reform while his campaign holds conference calls with big banks to tell them flat out that they’re lying to the public, with his calling black schools ‘jungles’ as he fights FOR segregation.” Oh John Edwards. We miss you so much, man. If you’ll come back, we’ll let you have sex with any willing person over the age of 18. Seriously, no worries. We promise we will not care in the least.

  18. We had all stopped being shocked by scandal way before covid-19 along. Give me a break. By the time Trump been in office 1 year, it didn't even register with people anymore. We, didn't have time to nail him for a scandal because one or two days later there was another one. Nobody could keep up. So we were sick of it and we didn't care long before covid-19 started.

  19. Once again, Krystal's arrogant bias shines through. Trump is just as corrupt as Biden? Don Trump was already a billionaire and a TV star before he was even in politics. Do you honestly think he NEEDS to be president to Make profits? He would be making way more money if he never set foot in the political arena. Biden AND HIS FAMILY have been entrenched in political profiteering for half of a century. What job did Biden have as a private citizen? What has he ever accomplished? Trump Built a commercial real estate Empire and Became a famous TV personality all on his own. He spent decades Building his wealth without the benefit of government money. Now he is as corrupt as Biden after just 4 years? Krystal…I know it is painful to be a Democrat with nobody to root for, But This comparison is a misrepresentation of the truth. Be better.

  20. I mean sure, I don't think anything doubts this about Hunter Biden. .
    Still hanging out for Saagar to acknowledge that Trump is the biggest swamp creature there is though.

    Not holding my breath.

  21. There are swamp creatures on both sides of the aisle, so it's really more about what kind of policies do they enact in office, and on that it's clear that the Dems are better. I wish we'd talk about Hunter and the soft corruption, as well as the blatant Trump-family corruption, but this is the true danger of the Trump-presidency. Nothing gets talked about, except his latest shittweet, he drives the newscycle up into overdrive and nothing ever gets discussed. Pre-Trump there was a chance we'd actually talk about things.

  22. wow….away for few months.. now back. notice that 'comments' has turn to healthier direction. people more willing to call out 'the bad' Dems has covered up, less people repeating the accusations about president with never once show evidence. (those get paid to do so, no doubt will continue.). bit improvement is still always better than none. hug hug..