Krystal and Saagar: CNN, MSNBC, Fox Ratings CRASH As Biden Takes Office

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss how cable news networks, such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, are handling political coverage no longer centered around Donald Trump.

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  1. You're mistaken about when Fox News started to decline. The Fox News decline happened when they called Arizona early….that pissed people off and that's when the calls to abandon Fox News began. They did call it early, I think less than %20 of the votes were in so everyone knew what they were up to from that point. They wouldn't even call other states for Trump when Trump had over %80 of the votes in showing him the clear winner. Had Fox News been neutral they wouldn't have been abandoned.

  2. "crazier right wing networks" Why is everything on the right "crazy" or "extreme" or "radical"… but everything on the left is just another news network?

  3. We, here in the Philippines has also has a problem with SMARTMATIC many years ago. There is a talk that we might go back to MANUAL counting because Automation election is riggable

  4. wrong analysis again. ratings are down because people are burned out on politics, at least until they recover a little bit from the last four years. i know that I feel and overwhelming sense of relief and am planning on taking a break from all of this.

  5. Really enjoy this show but the bad kerning on the Rising logo is painfully distracting to my designer's eye ?

    Would bring my heart so much joy to see that fixed.

  6. Hey.. media could cover that Hunter Biden Chinese, Ukraine, Russia, etc etc story.. or is that still Russian disinformation?
    No wait.. we might get Kamala as president. Nm

  7. Yup.

    On a more serious note, this is a bad thing. Look at Potato Man on CNN, trying to get Fox removed from Cable TV packages and trying to get YouTube to take down rivals – that's coming for everyone. By 2024, I'd imagine that you won't see any Independent media on YouTube anymore – you'll have the TYT network joining MSNBC, the Blaze/Steven Crowders joining Fox, and the Tim Pool's being driven entirely out of business as they try to straddle the line and end up being unwelcome everywhere. All chasing a dwindling audience because we're all getting turned off by the Hate and Negativity coming out of the Media.