Krystal and Saagar: CNN’s Fact-Checker DISAPPEARS From Air Since Trump Left

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale’s career post Trump presidency.

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  1. Donald Trump was an idiotic compulsive liar and CNN employed a fact checker. Now we've returned to the usual BS from the president, they don't employ a fact checker. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  2. Fair is fair. They should be fact-checking the Biden admin as well…
    And how about the Amazon-owned Washington post speciously fact-checking Bernie’s correct statement that Trump’s tax cut mostly helped wealthy individuals and big corporations most especially Amazon that paid 0 taxes. Why should I pay $0.01 to the government if Trillion-dollar Amazon pays nothing??

  3. So disingenuous. I wish I could pretend that featuring a fact checker on air for Captain Liesalot then removing the fact checker from the air is the same as not having fact checking at all – and make a career out of doing this. Congratulations you two, you gamed the simple minds of the masses!

  4. The news today is so predictable, I just need to see the headline. It was never about fact-checking, of course. It was about "Get Trump." This is yet another reason why most of the public now hates journalists and people posing as journalists.

  5. No one is going to "fact-check" the appointed President Biden. We already see that. Instead, the MSM is making excuses for him. This is where we are at. Is there truly any American anywhere who actually wants this?

  6. "There was some misinformation floating around by Joe Biden's mouth. No one knows where it came from, but any connection to the president has been denied by an unnamed intelligence officer." We don't live in a serious nation.

  7. Exactly. That’s why Trump was so popular. Ordinary people fed up with media lies, exaggeration and fake attacks. Even folks who didn’t like Trump sided with him because the biggest liars are the fake media.

  8. Arnt they just doing what fox and the hill are doing ? Bias news is bias news. I bet fox is tripping over themselves trying to bash Biden for anything. Why is it different now ? Repubs did say Dems needed to be more loyal americans. They decided to not question Biden just like many americans decided not to question trump. How did you not see this coming ?