Krystal and Saagar: Cuomo CAUGHT In COVID Cover-Up, CNN Is Complicit

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo covered up the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes throughout New York.

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  1. …a lot of pro Drumpf comments, wonder why??? Why has nobody been concerned about all the horrors that have been going on in FL with Govenor Ron DeSantis? He has been a nightmare for Floridians all in the name of financial gain & power, yet no one…including FOX, has spoke about his treacherous actions & YES, cover ups! Partnering with Publix to vaguely disperse vaccines to all who can afford it until Drumpf was gone, then all of a sudden you need a FL DL license….=|

  2. Of course he did it on purpose. Even a republican could’ve know it would lead to mass murder to cover it up. I don’t think people will buy Cuomos incompetence excuse. Call it what it is: Murder.

  3. "The US Vaccine Rollout Is Better Than You Think" – MSNBS today. Cuomo lied knowingly, and continues to do so, because that's his only job. The spin process is now to blame people for "not wanting it enough" to get an appointment, drive somewhere and wait all day in line with 500 people, and discover it closes after 150 people because there aren't adequate supplies of alcohol wipes to perform the vaccination "safely." CNN and ABC aren't far behind, implying "reluctance" in under-served (read: 'poor') communities and selectively promoting the least effective vaccine (Johnson&Johnson) for its 80% effectiveness in severe cases, you'll barely hear that it's only 60% effective in moderate cases because, you guessed it, it's made in America. Want to hear about comparative side effects? We don't want to tell you that their vaccine has had the most severe reactions in testing compared to the other options. Want to know which vaccine you'll get? It depends on what they're provided with, which absolves most locations from having to provide the safer and more effective alternatives from other companies. Want to send kids back to free babysitting with teachers? We're all about declaring schools' premature readiness so we can put those valuable minimum wage service sector parents back to work.

  4. the media didn't give a dam who died and why, they just like to Lie, cheater, whatever. They gave him the platform to lie and cheat. that's their calling and we all see it now. It is disgusting, a disgrace to Wonderful Nation. This needs to be prosecuted

  5. All these powerful people getting away with one huge crime after another, and Americans still too lazy to rise up.

    I'm just enjoying the chaos before it all comes crashing down.

  6. Time for a class-action lawsuit. Anybody with reasoning ability would not have put the patients into nursing homes. The one thing we absolutely knew early on was that the elderly were hardest hit.

  7. “The Job” : inconvenience and damage as much as possible via lockdowns and killing as many people as possible and then blame it on Trump and his inaction. Delay the stats, so orange man doesn’t get to prosecute him for this. Then after the election is done, all the Democrat sycophants like the Lincoln project (behind the line operatives of the uni-party) and these criminal governors and mayors are thrown to the wolves. But only after the election is done.

    Because even they know, the truth will inevitably come out.

  8. Not just the NY Media but the national media also celebrated him, after all he did win an "Emmy". Now he is being thrown "under the bus", not sure what's going on here, but it looks like somebody has to "fall on the sword", and he seems to be it.

  9. WHY do they even bother to report on this shit? NOTHING is going to happen to Cuomo and everyone knows it. I repeat NOTHING. It does make make for entertaining youtube videos though. Keep it up!

  10. Okay NY. We Californians are recalling our cronie thief Gavin Newsom, now it's YOUR turn to recall your Cronie murderer Cuomo. Stop these people from reaching higher levels of government.

  11. No they withheld it to manipulate emotional titty babies in to believing that democrats actually were half decent human beings so y'all would vote for the same democrats that have repeatedly failed our country.

  12. This is a .intake. its wrong. But you guys are filling in emotion in the form of Your words. This is a granule of wrong in a beach of !#$@ ups that started with 45 denying the threat and failing to act from the get go! Not mission critical, just a mistake. Take how many obstacles the state was against, what they got right, and what they got wrong and see what that list looks like. Your reporting in so over sensationalized its embarrassing. Big picture people! You guys are mad the fire fighters dirtier your doormat while putting out your4 alarm house fire. ?

  13. Natural news did know back if February !
    How is it i knew and i am a nobody with censored limited access to information !

    Ivermectin look it up !!!!

    Murder of US citizens who are old and need of our protection , assistance , no arrests ! Agenda 21 !!!

  14. If you go to a small town jail on a Sunday morning you will likely find a few old people bailing some kid out. The kid will have "jail hair" and a severe hangover. The older folks will be looking at him and asking "what the hell were you thinking?". The kid is gonna lie because he knows that the truth is the wrong answer.

    What the hell were you thinking?
    I was thinking that I wouldn't get caught

    OK, so yes, maybe I was that little girl.

  15. Cuomo's a giant puss cake.

    He's now threatening fellow Democrats who called him out on his cover up and attempting to destroy them.