Krystal and Saagar: Dems Embrace Authoritarianism On Edward Snowden To Own Trump

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti share their thoughts on Donald Trump considering a pardon for Edward Snowden.

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  1. Whenever a fool is around God, GOD exhales and the fool loses his balance! Trump got a budget to balance do he not? Pardoning criminals seems personal for him! Thought he was presidential? Guess MAGA got that wrong! Oh well Democracy Rise Up God’s Floor Plan!

  2. Trump knows ALL the buttons to push to make Dems freak out, and he has all their numbers……and there's a couple meanings to that one. Just wait until you find out the rest about Snowden. It takes some critical thinking on your part though too……who was he working for right before he "exposed" the NSA? Another alphabet agency that the NSA is exposing? When you are being exposed, how do you defeat the entity exposing you? Make them look bad to get the attention on them and not you?? Logical thinking. What does Snowden have to say about it all? What agency doesn't want him saying anything? What steps are they taking to keep him quiet?

  3. remember when the trump campaign hired cambridge analytica, who stole millions of American data and is know for rigging elections, to sneakily target ambiguous voters and bombard them with false political adds to ruin our democracy via facebook. Why don't Krystal and Saagar talk about that instead of wining about one democrat said on twitter in a reaction to Trump basically saying he doesn't know anything about Edward Snowden and he'll be sure to google him when I gets home. No one cares about how this effects trumps legacy, just pardon Snowden

  4. I wouldn't trust Trump, it is theatrics the republicrats are distracting you… They have to create something to be at odds about to keep the illusion of two parties going for those that still believe that crap…

  5. Trump previously wanted Snowden executed, but now claims not to know much about him. Whatever else is true, Trump is evil, and needs to be replaced by someone who – while they might be deeply flawed – is not evil.

  6. all the dems really have is anti-trumpism. they stand on no principles and care about no logic. if trump came out tomorrow in support of abortion dems would call him a murderer. you may ask who would vote for such a party and the only people i can find are people that vote based on race and sex. very sad!

  7. If Trump pardons Snowden, it is an almost instant electroal win. Then Asange should be next, with a huge disclosure of information and a massive reform in the freedom of information and speech.

  8. Trump should pardon Snowden for the simple fact that every Intelligence Agency phuuucked him over the last 5 years. Snowden is a patriot!

  9. Democrats have NOT proposed or supported this, Trump is the only one who has. Saagar Enjeti is acting like he's just walked out of the trump campaign.. Very dishonest and inaccurate reporting.

  10. He went to Russia and China because he tried to seek asylum in allied countries but Biden and John Kerry threatened the allies with repercussions if they helped Snowden. That’s why he went to the big boys he knew America can’t take on by itself.

  11. That's one of the things I like about Trump. Yes, earlier he did hang Snowden out to dry. But that was his customary shoot from the hip reaction. It's nothing he gave much thought to or bothered to take a good look at. But Trump can certainly change his mind if he feels things have changed or he was wrong to start with.
    I believe within a couple of months, before the election, Trump will pardon Edward. Because it's the right thing to do. And it's smart politically.
    (Extra feedback: Before Snowden got into Russia and still in Hong Kong, I really expected some special forces guys to Bin Laden him. Remember how Obama had Peruvian president Morales plane grounded and searched somewhere in Europe because they thought Snowden might be on board? Talk about abuse of power! I'm also surprised @ all the positive comments here regarding Snowden. Only because in the months following his escape to Russia, there were many news reports about everything. And on Yahoo news stories you can comment. And back then the vast majority of comments were negative towards Snowden. I was very surprised and disappointed. The Snowden incident really helped expose Obama for the devious scoundrel he is. )

  12. The problem is most people sign up for Facebook which openly tells you they spy on you and collect EVERYTHING you do with a Facebook login account. EVEN THE WEBSITES YOU VISIT.

    "But my Friends are on Facebook". People. Are. Stupid.

  13. Obama took away his visa and passport and also took down the Ecuadorian president's plane in international airspace looking for Snowden
    . he had no choice ..but to go to Russia..Do your homework..Saagar?

  14. When Democrats accuse Trump of constantly telling lies . I keep thinking back to James Clapper..and Brennan… apparently some folks have selective Amnesia but Obama@Co. told plenty of lies too