Krystal and Saagar: Dems, GOP Give Pentagon MORE MONEY Than Biden Asked For

Krystal and Saagar look into the increases in the pentagon budget provided by both the GOP & the Democrats

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  1. It’s not cheap to run an unelected deep state. And who’s going to pay for all the social propaganda schemes going on that distract citizens from demented politicians hell bent on destroying democracy. Forget affordable health care or affordable housing or even affordable education. It’s all about power and control people.

  2. The Military Industrial Complex is a white person's welfare. We spend more than the next 13 countries combined. It’s a welfare system in plain sight. They are dependent on it. Forget all the poor people on welfare, there are millions of middle and upper class on the Military Welfare System. I jokingly advise anyone who never wants to worry about getting a job to go into the Defense Industry. I was a small part of it as a Service Member. I’ve benefited from this system without realizing that this is what is really going on. It’s sick.

  3. So just another by of proof we don't have a real working government. Promised 2K but got only 14k no M4A no real inafusture, education, etc. The only wsrs are the one on people everything goes to the corp

  4. Better than pentagon than social hand outs. Can anyone tell me where the $4T in stimulus went? Least I know pentagon money is going to our war effort.

  5. Hey just cut the whole regular Army and make the National Guard and Reserves carry the load ?? that will save big money. Also get out of South Korea. Germany and all other overseas commitments! Time to have our allies pull the load ….??