Krystal and Saagar: Did Facebook Just DEPLATFORM ALL OF AUSTRALIA?

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti analyze Facebook censorship in Australia.

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  1. Do not give FB too much credit. This is about market share. Google did it to gain market share over FB. FB is defending market share by giving a taste to users. Google and FB are doing business. The public sites and pages go to the bulk of the users (market share) FB owns market share Google wants it.

  2. Not actually a big deal, probably a good thing. People will realize FB is not an essential service and those who were relying on the platform will seek alternatives.

  3. I’m in Australia and I actually like the change. It feels like old Facebook. If I want news I subscribe to The Age, so I just use their app. Easy.

  4. I continue to be amazed at how many people, including Krystal and Saagar, don't acknowledge the FACT that Facebook is a NON-GOVERNMENTAL COMPANY! It is not Facebook's or any other social media company's responsibility to be the "conduit" of information for the public, or the free server for governments to use sans their own paid website server! If Facebook and other social media companies are to be forced to provide services to the public then the government should acknowledge that it is forcefully taking over these companies, regulating their services — and then pay for their operation with tax dollars. Is such socializing of social media right? wrong? I'll let you all debate that, I'm just pointing out the FACT that no one seems to acknowledge that these social media companies don't OWE us anything. If you don't like their service don't use it and eventually they'll go away.

  5. It's about control. And the question is: "Do you want government in control?" Australia is an experiment in the idea of how much a government can really control the internet. Granted a bunch of ignorant script kiddies aren't going to be able to access the potential for uncensored information that the net allows. But there is always going to be a few who have that access and spread the information. In the end there are limits on what governments can do as long as people are willing to do as Facebook has done and just walk away. It's like what should have happened with the European GDPR. You want to pass a law? Fine. Go suck eggs.

  6. Good for Australia <3
    In order to have an informed and intelligent public you need to install a news-dissemination system that can actually be held accountable. Which facebook isn't.

  7. Murdoch and pals should not use power to do his bidding. Aussies need to ask their power who they work for. Not them. Raise corporation tax, not use us to pinch money out of facebook pocket to their own. Screw Murdoch and pals. Mobster press. paying politicians to be their bitches.

  8. As an Australian, I see this as a win. We did well before fb and we’ll do well after. If anyone has trouble with this, just remember you can get all the information you need on other sites. It was just convenient to have all information on one site.

  9. Its a bit far to call what the main stream media in Australia produces news. Most of the news companies are privatly owned by conservative entity's. They produce garbage news and want to get paid for it… No thanks. As an australian Im happy with facebook give MSN australia the finger.

  10. What is it they say…..don't put all your eggs in one basket? FB is an option, not a requirement. If government is now relying on a private market social media platform to "get their message out" shame on them.

  11. Facebook has every right to say screw you to anyone. This company is not government owned. A bunch of Karen's crying because they're incompetent. Just because a company grows to a huge level doesn't mean the rules of private companies should change.

  12. So Australia is just trying to shakedown money from Facebook… I don't use nor is a fan of Facebook but if Australia is complaining about news entities not getting paid for news links posted by users on Facebook then stopping them from posting is a legitimate option. Australia wants news links in Facebook. It's the money they want is what's it's about. It has nothing to do with intellectual property. You can't force someone to buy it they don't want it.

  13. I know it seems like a good thing Facebook is at war with the Aus Gov but it's actually all just to help Rupert Murdoch. He owns Australia, especially the Conservative government (what we call Liberal Party).

  14. There is a side to this that many aren't seeing. The ruling right-wing LNP is mates with Rupert Murdoch and to a lesser extent, Nine/Fairfax. These two groups combined control the majority of Aussie legacy media, push heavily and (usually successfully) for the LNP during both federal and state elections, and in return want the LNP to pass laws to prop up their business model.

    Telling fb to pay media channels is like telling the roadside billboard company to pay you to display your advertisements on their billboard. Of course fb is just going to walk away. It's frustrating, but I recognise that it is a legitimate business decision.

    Unfortunately it is true that a lot of independent media and government information sites have lost their pages as well, although some are getting them back.

    This is really a clash of the billionaires. And given the damage done to this country (and the US and UK) and worldwide by Murdoch, personally I am kicking back with a bucket of popcorn on this issue. It's not like we don't have the internet anymore.