Krystal and Saagar: Epstein Docs UNSEALED, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz NAMED

Krystal and Saagar share their thoughts on new documents revealing the names of powerful people who allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

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  1. sick f*&*&…the politicians, bank owners, Warren buffet, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, gates, and zuckerburg, clintons, hanks….WTF are any leaders out there going to make someone accountable???? Journalists…….You should be ashamed!!!! Revolution is needed in our time. 99 % of us cannot lose. head's on a pike (if I were king), Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth (sovereign) I trusted and believed in you…..not any more.. YOUR ROYALTY?? Be accountable before you die of old age. or not, your legacy won't look good…

  2. Whether you are a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican, you have to agree this has to be investigated and (if necessary) throw the Clintons into prison. The world will be better.

  3. These victimized girls and parents have some blame. If u were the parent of 14 year old u know where they are all the time, just saying. And as a teen why do u think they are paying u handsomely to give massage to old dudes. Where do u think it will lead to?

  4. If it’s hard to convict an ‘ average’ paedophile – I don’t see how they can convict any of the ‘ big’ possible paedophiles!! – I don’t see anyone big at all being convicted for anything!! – And money talks!! – Murderers have gotten off!! – This is the world of money – not justice or truth!!

  5. Ephesians 6:12
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  6. This goes on for years. We know this Informationen more or less now for 1 year. Why is nothing happening? Why is G.Maxwell not in court now, why waisting time. I dont understand this.

  7. if this was against Republicans the media would destroy everyone on the list but look and see who is on the list…
    Bill Clinton is a proven liar and cheater so why believe him now?

  8. Problem is the pedophiles who participated in Epstein’s evil are also the ones who make and enforce the laws. No one will go to prison.

  9. The People That We Let Govern Our Lives Don't Have Our Best Interests At All Government/The CIA,The FBI,The ATF,The Military,The Military Police,Special Forces,Spies,Crooked Judge's,Cop's,Lawyer's,Bankers,The 1% Billionaires.

    1.What happens when The CIA Targets SPY Plus Tec Insertion of Google Facebook,Lifelog,YouTube,Tweeter ect ?

    2.What happened when People Wake Up to The Fact that Facebook is A Cover for Lifelog Adopter Project ?

    3.What happens when people discover All Real Time Data Imports Plus Listening Camera,JPS Meta Data Is being Harvested and Made Excusable Lang Lee Charter of The NSA?

    3.Why is the CIA conducting an Active Umbrella Investigation Compane Against ALL US Citizens Through Lifelog,Facebook ?
    Observed Targeting Bypass Data
    Incripsunal From Your Phone,Tablet ect. They Can Activate Recording on Your Device.

    Facebook is (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for The Development of Emerging Technologies for use by The Mlitary.

  10. I like that, like the press of the old reputable days you find the dirt on both sides. That is good.
    But, unfortunately like modern press, you combine news with opinion. You editorialize
    which hurts your credibility. The Hill, still doesn't get it right.

  11. They have been collecting stuff in them. They have not been not doing anything about it, they have been collecting piles of proof so that these guys could not tet out of this like they have before.