Krystal and Saagar: Fauci LIES On Gain Of Function In FIERY Rand Paul Exchange

Krystal and Saagar look at the lies Dr. Fauci told in his heated exchange with Sen. Rand Paul

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  1. Out of the entire govt Paul seems to be the only Congress member trying to get answers. And he’s being attacked for simply hurting Faucis feelings ?‍♂️

  2. Remember when we gave Native Americans blankets on purpose that were infected with small pox? We created the most advanced government in the world. Did the end justify the means?

  3. Many people regardless of their political affiliation support Rand Paul in this . I am an independent and found Fauci not trustworthy .

  4. If you want to see the end game for gain-of-function research look up Ebolapox.
    you will never be more scared in your life.
    Imagine someone taking Ebola and mixing it with smallpox to make it more deadly.
    It lives on stainless steel for up to 7 days.
    It moves from animal to human and back again.
    It kills everything.
    Some assholes did this and made this.

  5. Dr. Fauci clearly does not want an investigation into his dealings with this research, whether it is "gain of function research" or not. And that begs the question, "What does Fauci have to hide?" So Fauci is saying that he welcomes an investigation, as long as it doesn't investigate Dr. Fauci…because there is something to hide.

  6. Fauci's gain-of-function research not meeting the standards of the gain-of-function definition he and the NIH made, reminds me of the Good Laboratory Practice protocols the EPA left Syngenta in charge of defining in the studies into Syngenta's endocrine-disrupting frog-affecting product, Atrazine; resulting in Syngenta promoting their two funded reports over the ~15 independent reports that concluded that Atrazine was feminizing male frogs.

    They're making their own loopholes.

  7. It’s sad that you two are devolving into the same garbage talk shows you claim to have left. You couldn’t even report this straight without airing your personal grievance with Rand Paul of all people disappointing

  8. So you folks are relying on the contrarian Rand Paul, the iconoclast who rails for self serving purposes to call out Dr. Fauci as a LIAR as your headline states? Best be careful with your accusations.

  9. Fauci says "you don't know what you're talking about" 3x and looks around at all the committee members hoping they buy his accusation and defuse Paul's points.
    Sadly, Democrats will buy it because they need the pandemic to justify destroying the economy with lockdowns. But the lockdowns were about getting rid of Trump, even if it meant ruining people's lives.
    Will Democratic voters ever realize that? Probably not.

  10. Rand Paul had evidence to nail Fauci on gain-of-function but he didn't use it.
    And the more Paul tries to explain gain-of-function, he is getting away from the issue. That was when Fauci said, Paul "you do not know what you are talking about".

  11. If fauci is guilty, then the U.S. is also guilty.
    And as a co player, so is China.
    That leaves us to take the blame as a nation. What's the end scenario here?

  12. Given all of the explicit and implicit context regarding origins of COVID, if it truly was an accidental leak, there would be no problem with Fauci coming clean day one and admitting it. Just like they said, accidental leaks happen frequently. Instead he continues to get caught lying – which leads most reasonable people to start believing that, not only is he trying to hide his own guilt, but the possibility that this was not an accident gains more and more credibility.

  13. Can someone tell me why K&S hate Paul as much as they do? I've heard them hate on him a ton, but never heard them explain why they're so passionate about it. Not defending him per se, just curious what their take is on him

  14. I love you guys, you're my new favorite source of information and discussion, I'm considering subscribing. But, you got this one wrong, or mostly wrong. I wish you'd get Katherine Eban on the show to help you with this topic, she did what I'd say is the best investigative story on this, you should listen to her interview with The Peter Attia Drive, so enlightening.

  15. In this period of political tyranny,, there will be no open debates on anything. The pendulum will swing against liberals and the US will end up with fanatical conservatives who are even worse and more toxic and two faced.

  16. ?I get this reporting. However, Fauci understands that he is not dealing with an honest player in Rand Paul. Even in this clip, Paul tries to tie Fauci to 4 million dead as though there is conclusive prove that the grant led directly to Covid19. Why admit even the slightest transgression when you know your political enemies are liars that will misrepresent and mischaracterize everything you do? Yeah–Fauci is playing word games, but you all often get pissed that the Democrats don't play politics as hard as republicans. They bend the truth all the time to skirt responsibility. If we know that the funding Fauci green-lit did not fund Covid19…then why in the hell is Paul bringing it up? Answer: To simply smear and mischaracterize and blurr Fauci because he's catering to his anti-vax base!?