Krystal and Saagar HAMMER Biden On Supply Chain Crunch | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar criticizie President Biden’s lack of governance on the supply crunch and how larger economic trends have created a system with no resilience or domestic capacity

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  1. Or, you could be that Church in South Carolina that was not only fined for, but, was served an injunction against them using Solar Power to defray the costs of electricity there. Turns out using another Power supplier is illegal there. This situation with power, whether it be gas, deisel or electric, is beyond crazy.

  2. Unfortunately greed has taken are leaders focus and caring away from issues. Instead we have a virtue signaling government who cannot see the dangers of what is happening and how it will affect the long term. Especially when you consider you have enemies who will take advantage of that situation and make it harder to do anything if they decide to do anything in the future.

  3. wow wow wow, "cheap dirty solar panels…"
    Sagar please update your knowledge about PV !!
    Bifacial HJT panels are neither dirty nor cheap anymore… but yes they are energy intensive to produce and if the energy would not be produced with coal, they would not be dirty at all.

    And NO, nuclear is not the way to go. That idea is plainly ignorant.

  4. When I was younger it rained sometimes….okay. Now when it's about to rain I get 10 emergency alert's pushed to my phone, designed to freak me out, about the "extreme weather" from some Government agency or whatever. I look outside….and it's rain. The same rain I've seen my whole life. Sometimes with oh my god "extreme" wind and lightning! WHAT TO DO!!!???

    Is this why millennial idiots like Krystal really believe we're in a time of "extreme weather"??? I still can't believe so many people are being duped into this climate nonsense lol.

  5. Honestly this all just breaks my heart. Our economic system is so broken and like you say we have no leadership just a bunch of rich assholes who will just pass a bill and print more money and lay the burden on all of us.

  6. What supply chain crisis? Biden fixed the supply chain crisis last year. Biden said so and everyone knows Biden and his Adminstration NEVER lie. Like that WH tweet; 'no Covid vaccine when Biden took office'. Hey people just ignore that video of Biden getting the Covid vaccine prior to taking office. You can not trust your own eyes and ears. The democrats will tell you what you see and hear.

  7. I know she said climate change was fault of texas going down in that Ice storm but didn’t a lot of that have to do with the energy grid being “shit libbed” and wind and solar that was ready for that weather ?

    Obviously that’s not The whole reason but when I saw allll wind farms are put in poor, mostly republican sections of the state thst democrats run and are NEVER near their homes …. I was done with that Bs

  8. Yeah I don't get it, they're like we have to raise the interest rates to lower inflation like that does nothing to the supply and demand problem

  9. Trump negotiated the closing of the opec faucet that the saudis are now leveraging for more expensive barrels. I’m still waiting for some fair coverage.

    So far you guys are Fox News lite. Only reporting the failures of one side of the equation for clicks.

    How is that any better than “mainstream” media?

  10. The last time I worked in Valero refinery is there a refinery in New Jersey the way the guys explained it to me there diesel is less refined than gasoline so it should be cheaper

  11. The climate has always been a crisis. That's why our productive ancestors built indoor housing, heating, power generation, ventilation, transportation, etc.
    Calling it a "crisis" just another PsyOp to spread fear and consolidate political power into the hands of the elite few.

  12. Corporate greed .. nothing more, nothing less.

    It's a supply chain problem. what 6% of cost increase is what was incurred. That doesn't add up to 50%-150% in profits. Ohh it's the free money they gave out. Ya 83% of that went to the wealthiest people. Ohh wait then they go on TV and ask how are we going to pay back these free handouts? Good question tell us how you got 83% of the money and you're asking us how we are going to pay it back .. fucking laughable.

    Stop allowing the narrative to be controlled by those who profit the most.

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