Krystal and Saagar: How Nancy Pelosi Used Her Power to Gain A Fortune

Krystal and Saagar examine the huge increase in wealth obtained by Nancy Pelosi since she first became House Speaker

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  1. Why exactly can this not be investigated? Do you know how many warnings I received as an employee from companies that I could not trade on information that could potentially result in my financial gain? How is this not illegal. I need to know. Oh, and thanks for pissing me off. LOL

  2. "CNN panel agrees Hunter Biden art sales are a 'huge' optics, ethics issue: 'Obviously, this is a problem.'" This is what independent news like Breaking Points can achieve. Keep up the good work, Krystal and Saagar!!

  3. Great story, but what's the solution? The American people see how flawed this is but there is nothing that can be done, and this story provided no option that people can take to resolve the issue. You basically said ,' Hey! this sucks! We all agree this sucks…Welp moving on.

  4. Pelosi is exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party, and Dem voters wonder how Pelosi helps Republicans raise money… she's a target rich environment.

  5. I like how Krystal and Saagar go ahead and post their whole discussion of topics they feel are of paramount importance.

    Not all of us can afford a subscription so you have my sincere thanks for making as much content available as you do.

  6. Us peasants aren't supposed to know how the market works, what options are, or anything to do with federal regulations. Why do you think we aren't taught anything about finance, or how the market works in the public school systems. I'm pretty sure that an education in these fields wood benefit people more than say, homec, shop, or any of the many other courses they offer us, that for most are merely a waste of time !

  7. And.. yet the Squad voted her in. Seriously speaking, I am not surprise by any of this. If the Squad voted for her, then they back her 100% even with ALL of the bad stuff that is coming out. Heck, David Pakman, Sam Seder, TYT, Humanist Report, and Rational National WILL NEVER EVER cover this important factoid at all. NONE of them will.

  8. They're going to do nothing. Every year they bring the CEO's before congress and both parties give them a pants down public verbal spanking. Then they send them back to keep doing the same thing and pass zero laws to change anything or hold them accountable. Both sides are in bed with these companies, the spanking is theater for the peons. I'll bet behind the scenes they contact these CEO's and apologize for the hearing they are about to have and tell them this is just the cost of doing business and being a monopoly.
    Facebook spent something like 400 million dollars to help get Trump out of office. You think they don't expect a return on that investment from every Democrat and half the Republicans who wanted him gone?