Krystal and Saagar Investigate: Is Tucker Carlson Being SPIED ON By NSA?

Krystal and Saagar evaluate the truth behind Tucker Carlson’s claim that the NSA is spying on him

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  1. The legacy media loves to slam Trump but when it comes to W. Bush and Obomber it is total love fest
    Like get a room.
    W. Bush is a war criminal and Obomber is not much better. It’s high time we get rid of the Patriot act

  2. Spy on "you and ME" Saagar. YOU AND ME. Come on man, you should be smarter than that. I will not stop my campaign to get this obvious grammatical error eradicated. It's a losing battle though.

  3. Don't be so naive Krystal. They are monitoring everyone and the way Tucker has been reporting on his show the last couple of years I can't imagine the government is happy with him.

  4. I'm not surprise of this issue at all! NSA, DOJ and FBI are corrupt government agencies. They are spying their political opponents. In fact, Obama and FBI spied Trump and his administration from the beginning of his presidency. Then, they created a made-up story about the Russian-Collusion Delusion to impeach Trump. They also spied those people who participated on the Jan. 6 riot. This agency collected millions of information from Americans. Corruption to the highest level!!!

  5. Washington Post is reporting on something. What a credible source of information! After few months, they will sneakily edit their news when the truth the comes out that NSA spies not only on Tucker but on everybody. And Snopes and Politifact will "fact change" their bullshit. I have seen this movie long time ago.

  6. Taking what Tucker Carlson says seriously every week is also clownish journalism. Is that where we are as a country? A pundit makes some shit up to get attention, provides zero evidence for his claims, and then we have to talk about it?

  7. NSA- “no one is watching you”- General Keith Alexander personal motto- “collect it all” Alexander was the one who conceived of using the system that was created to capture every Iraqi text message, phone call, and e-mail and all communications from the entire Iraqi population- a system that was supposed to be used only in active war zones, against American citizens in the name of national security.

  8. Fox anchors usually cost themselves their jobs. I was more interested in the second paragraph of the NSA statement. If Tucker was in contact with a foreign entity that the NSA was spying on, that could give them an in.

  9. Carlson and Gaetz had a really weird interview on Carlson's show some months ago. Gaetz implied he knew a contact of his and Carlson strangely deflected it. I have a hunch that he's being pulled in to Gaetz's scandal. I wouldn't be surprised. But time will tell.