Krystal and Saagar: John Brennan Says Biden Intel ALREADY Ramping Up Domestic Surveillance

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  1. The Capitol riot was an inside job. The FBI and police knew about it in advance and let it happen in order to justify this assault on our civil liberties. The War on Terror has come home. And we are all “terrorists” now!

  2. These domestic terrorists just stormed the capital and they are plotting more they boys have ambushed cops nationwide so yes its time to track them down and find out who they are talking to

  3. CNN, MSNBC and the rest of their cohorts will be more than happy to see a rise in viewership by reporting on the increased incarcerations. They of course will be quite useful in maintaining the faux danger levels, needed to eliminate opposition to the ruling elite. They'll certainly see a boost in ratings if they can air a few televised show trials. Who knows they may even get some reality tv shows out of the re-education centers.

  4. And Libertarians, says Mr. Brennan…and those that believe in God Almighty(religious)…they need to be looked at, says Brennan…right out in the open as IF he were born into this world with a pair of nads. Hahahaha, John Boy, holler back and let us know how horrifying (Hell) is when you get there, knowing that's your eternal existence for your hate and treachery to those you despise in this life.
    I swear…the true evil resides in D.C.

  5. Why are TPTB trying to discredit conspiracy theorists by actually confirming what so many conspiracy theorists fear? What is the difference between a paranoid delusion and reality?

  6. Disgusting the very same guys with Obama who funded ISIS and Mexican Drug Lords to later justify acquisition of foreign national assets. Now we do it with people whom we do not agree.

  7. Schadenfreude, glad to see your vicious military attacking you instead of us. Glad to see the chickens come home to roost. Glad to see your CIA and other spy groups using these underhanded tactics on you. Your government and power 1% have been brutalizing the rest of world for decades, and you, the citizens, have been enjoying the scraps of their feast, and not doing anything to stop them, so now you can lay in your bed.

  8. Why are you moaning now? Why didn't you support Trump when you had the chance? At least 75 million Americans aren't remotely surprised or shocked that the Biden faux-administration is desperately trying to block people asking awkward questions. Everything you say is true today should have been obvious to you three months ago.