Krystal and Saagar: Jon Stewart slams media in Trump era, reveals greatest regret from Daily Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss Jon Stewart’s biggest ‘Daily Show’ regret in taking part of the, “evisceration expectation.”

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  1. Its more than just media, its a destroyed and utterly ruined education system that the left have controlled for so long that they keep on pumping out retard after retard and telling them they can do great things and you dont have to even work to do it. The left have told these "kids" (shells of a human being) what to think instead of teaching them how to think.

  2. I love Rising and watch it everyday, but it's in spite of the video titles. The titles are pure trash. So many 'DESTROYS' and 'OWNS' and triple exclamation marks!!! It makes it seem like clickbait. I honestly don't wish you guys didn't do it.

  3. Yeah I'm waiting for you guys to call out Joe Rogan for acting like there was all white guys rioting everywhere he looked. I'm sure you won't. I'm a black dude saying this. If you can't keep it real 100 percent I start to lose respect. This is why I love people like Glen Greenwald and Jimmy Dore. They don't straddle the fence and really low on the bullshit meter.

  4. This is not an objective show. It is very difficult to find a true journalist. This program better than Fox, but it is not true objective journalism

  5. This guy has not done his homework and is uninformed. They have a conversation about Jon Stewart and then he says "Apparently, he has a movie coming out…" Really? Stop the #$@^%$&^* presses!

  6. Do you remember the clip he made of Biden sniffing girl's hair ?
    No comment, just a look of horror on his face.
    Would he do that now , or fall in line ?

  7. But, his show was satire and he's not a journalist. It's sad he had more integrity and a greater conscience than mainstream media.

  8. There´s alot of prejudgmental attitudes towards the word "conspiracist"and that´s how they want it to be in order to ridicule everbody with truth… The word "conspiracist" was created by services after the murder of "JFK" in order to ridicule and judge people with truth as crazy… Flow in peace MJ,Prince, W.Houston, K.Bryant and all the rest who made a difference…the devil of this world unfortunately are too smart and coniving for the majority of ignorant corny people/cattles/sheeps who can´t think for themselves and are afraid of what others think of them(that´s blocking you from being the original unique man that you really are)…..ignorance is not stupidity.. (Ignorant= not knowing)….I love the warm older generations but too many of them are too naive with their caps and popcorn glued to the television screen of public media and blindly believing in everything what public media shows on television… that´s sad.. cuz they wanna get rid of them first…to not think for one self ,binary thinking and compartmentalization is a dangerous cocktail of stupidity and can lead to hate and racism( such as scapegoating of others completely after the plan in order to program weak-minded people and keep the nation in chaoz, so they can cover up for their evil agendas, it´s all a dirty game! devide and conquer!) …and too many of the old good-hearted but naive people are walking around with masks on and scolding other people for not wearing masks… they are getting totally FOOLED by the public media… That´s how much public media and "the puppeteers"/those who wanna control,destroy and extinct…That´s how much they love u !… wake up and have some common sense… Love the charismatic older generations too much and can´t stand seing them being fooled and killed like that….watch these 2 evil people knowing about the next covid and saying that black and natives "Deserve" the vaccines first! it´s BIG BIG BIG LIES ! 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  9. sadly the issue right now with news is the daily shows fault. Once news organizations saw how powerful the daily show had become they tailored their shows to try and regain/take that audience.