Krystal and Saagar: Liberal Push To Censor Trump On Facebook, BACKFIRES Dramatically

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss the recent suspension of Facebook accounts linked to various activist groups.

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  1. Its scary the misinformation Facebook and Tictok media gives. Remember childeren watch and read this stuff. They believe it all. My 15 year old neice is brainwashed by this. She is posting about different issues with no real factual knowledge. The kids are going to be the future issue if they are brainwashed like this. Kids dont reaserch, they just take it as fact, and spread the disinformation to more young adults. She told me the other day Helen Keller was racist because a girl posted it on TikToc. Propaganda, that's how it starts people. Remember Its all for one party too, which is suspicious. Also, what are are these protestors who do the most damage. I BET they are young adults that grew up on Reddit, Facebook and YouTube for al their information.

  2. Krystal says she opposes this and Pretends to support Free Speech when she LITERALLY said YESTERDAY that she supports Spotify censoring and removing the JRE Podcast episodes of Alex Jones.

  3. Yet Krystal says censoring Alex Jones is totally justifiable. Your boyfriend Joe Rogan would disagree. And both Saagar and Krystal are okay with calling people that question vaccines "conspiracy theorists". That's just one step behind censorship.

  4. This is the government's fault they're so used to letting companies police themselves they essentially don't want to do the hard work so then make an untrustworthy party police themselves that does not make sense.

  5. The people who support censorship are actually implicitly admitting that they fear most people who are as incompetent and gullible as them to fall for the worst kind of idea ever, since they only have themselves as comparison. They don't realize that acccttssshuallly most people are better and more capable than them in that department, of discerning and differentiate facts vs opinions, rights vs wrongs and making well-informed decisions based on on their own sane, rational and healthy judgements.

    In short, miserable people who not only want the company, but insists.

  6. I have figured out that this is really a Conservative show pretending to be centrist (or even liberal). The slants here are much like the history of Tim Poole, where he said he was a liberal, but gets all his information from right-wing sources (half of which are extreme). Then Poole, slowly over time, eventually showed he's a rabid right-wing propaganda stooge. Now, these hosts, at The Hill, are professionals, unlike Poole. They are much better at being phony centrists/liberals. Every time they say something dishonest enough, it's jarring (and it's a lot), it's always to promote a right-wing fabrication, exaggeration or misrepresentation.

  7. I do support better labeling by ALL media of narrative/opinion content.. It should be right under the headline with a brief explanation of why under the author's byline. Hopefully, clearer context could improve understanding. Any thoughts?