Krystal and Saagar: Media gives Biden a PASS AGAIN on Tara Reade in latest TV interview

Krystal and Saagar discuss Joe Biden’s Tara Reade denial during his interview on ‘Good Morning America’ with George Stephanopoulos and share a new Morning Consult poll that shows Biden’s net favorability has dropped five points in the week before Biden publicly denied Reade’s accusations.

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  1. On the day you vote it comes down to who is the lesser of two hypocrites. Look at the current idiot in the white house and think about all the egotistical, maniacal, hateful, law-breaking shit he's done. So if people are that naive to think that a politician is supposed to be infallible, your sorely mistaken. I don't care who you vote for, as long as it's NOT the moron in office now. Hopefully it will be someone that can at least articulate a sentence.

  2. When someone supports a lesser of two evils then they do deserve to be criticized or scrutinized for their justification for supporting evil.

    But it is every Americans right to vote or not to vote for who they want elected.

    My personal belief is the devil you know is better than the one you don't.
    However, even this deserves it's criticisms.
    In which I'm willing to make my case.
    But is it wrong to hold people accountable for blindly supporting a candidate for compromising your values or morals?

  3. Not voting for either disgusting corporate elite, nor get my information from outfits like GMA or Fox & Friends. Anyone supporting either party at this point is part of the problem. Both parties are unfixable, and the media that props them up, unwatchable.

  4. I would like to know why Sagar and Krystal continue to give the GOP a free pass. Sure, the DNC and Biden are a train wreck, but the biased negativity of the Hill has got me to stop watching their vids. Come on you two, Trump and the GOP are the most corrupt regime in the history of America and you ignore that to the exclusion of going after Biden? What's up? Who is paying you?

  5. Again trump gets a pass why Sleepy Joe ?! This election ain't about morals it's about winning because on the right that's all that matters! Winning at all cost! That fair a balance stuff..well the right plays dirty and you see the end results.

  6. They haven't even started with Hunter Biden, flying kn AF2, getting special waivers to join the navy as an officer, getting kicked out for drugs, and that's the good stuff about him.

  7. If Joe Biden's platform was 'I am going to undo everything I have ever done in my political career' then I might consider voting for him. Maybe. Kinda hard to undo that Iraq war vote and repeal of Glass-Steagall vote.

  8. If Biden is all the democrats have as a presidential candidate they're done with because this is the biggest joke Democrats have ever pulled off on election

  9. “There is nothing wrong with that.”???

    “Shaming people for voting that way is unconscionable.” ???

    We should all be shamed for not educating ourselves and not spurring ourselves on to work harder for GOOD – instead of the lesser of two evils.

  10. The idea that “it’s not their fault, people have busy lives…” is useless too.


    Media, independent and otherwise, do your job and educate us! Stop entertaining us.

  11. Its amazing how Butthurt Krystal Ball remains and how she can"t let go that Bernie lost again. These last few days were crucial to Tara Reade and her story. Not only did a ton of new evidence emerge that Tara has been a pathological liar her whole life even lying about her education credentials but today her own lawyer in the Biden assault claim announced that he and his firm would no longer represent her because she can't tell the same story every time she opens her mouth;….