Krystal and Saagar: Melvin Capital Lost HALF Its Value After Reddit Rescued GameStop

Krystal and Saagar provide the latest stock market updates and discuss the fate of Melvin Capital.

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  1. So sorry to see the fat cats not being able to make fun of the 99% when we did exactly what they’ve done for decades. They should welcome competition rather than shudder. Put up or shut up.

  2. well warren was right there coz she sounds like she called out the artificial ponzi sceme we call wall street …. if she is not she may be too old to understand wall street

  3. Others are pointing out that Blackrock and several other huge, elite Wallstreeters made more piles of money off the Reddit saga. The main guy that led this has big Wallstreet connections, not the amature he claims. Warren is correct to look into it, possibly not for the right reasons. Wasn't exactly a clean strike against the wealthy.

  4. We as a people, don't need hedge funds. Just like neo in the matrix, they exist to fill a hole in the system. If the 99% buy up the hole, the system will readjust and goodbye hedge funds.

  5. Finally the little guy is winning all these politicians hate to see it they want to keep us poor and ununited and keep us racially divided even though it is 2021 and we all are human beings no matter your Color we all bleed red. We’re all the same we are all just people. We all live and die

  6. However, I now worry that the Hedge Funds will turn around and again short GameStop from its now inflated price, and that those who came late to the party and bought high will still end up as bag holders.

  7. Warren's fumbled, bumbling take on the situation is the most unsurprising thing of 2021. She misses the most important points of the situation completely, like I have grown to expect from her.

  8. The SEC being completely incompetent in failing to see this problem and enforce their own rules is really what is contemptible. Warren can go to hell. She came out in support of the Hedge Funds.

  9. ? who took $10M from some of these big Wall Streeters for her campaign, "capitalist to my bones" who's "just a player in the game," and has incredibly pathetic political acumen says what ?

  10. Elizabeth Warren is already demanding that the Reddit investors all be investigated & put in prison.
    Jimmy Kimmell is already spreading propaganda accusing them of being Russian Agents.

  11. 50+% loss is nothing to them. they have billions still and will make that loss back within the year. All they’re going to do is close ranks and figure out how to never lose again. The snake will continue to eat us all ?

  12. Actually they are profiting. The owner creator of citadel is making more money than ever thanks to this recent activity. His total net worth was 20 billion last year and is closer to 40 billion now thanks to increase in retail trader activity and speculation on robinhood. they are behind this and bailed melvin and are still short and winning right now.

  13. Is it just me or does anyone else see the dynamic of Saagar being like Homelander n Krystal being like Stillwell…? NOT saying sexual or anything. Jus'sayin' a thriving boy wants the mother's approval, haha. N btw, I think they're both very sharp.