Krystal and Saagar: MSNBC Has Russiagate MELTDOWN In Middle Of RNC

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  1. If the crooks and evil elements in the intelligence community is responsible and not the super evil Demoncrat Party, why we did not hear any objection or any criticism from Dems? Worst the evil Schiff continued to expand on the intelligent crooks by adding more fake information. People are not fools! Don't BS MSNBC!

  2. This is pure propaganda. How many investigations, how many committee reports, how many times does do they have to say to these blind Zombies, "THERE WAS NO RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN THE ELECTION!" These anarchist News Stations are so stupid and delusional. They cannot accept their own investigation results.
    Every country including America tries to get people elected who will work with America!
    It has been going on since the beginning of politics. But the truth does not matter to a bunch of sick delusional Trump haters!
    The Democratic Party had more collusion with Russia than Trump people did! The Democrats paid a million dollars for bar talk dirt on Trump. It was all made up, a lie! Investigation proves that!
    If you want America to become Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, or Portland, then vote for a Democrat! If you want your children to be seduced into homosexuality then vote for a Democrat! If you want your grandchild to be aborted then vote for a Democrat!
    If you want to be responsible for millions of deaths when you stand before God, then vote for a Democrat!

  3. MSNBC is such a joke… I'm amazed anyone bothers with them anymore… Well, except for maybe a good laugh. They can be the next Comedy Central.

  4. Sorry Krystal, you have it wrong, There is no evidence of any Russian "hack" of the DNC. It was never provided. The FBI never looked at the servers. Crowdstrike paid by the DNC, not only dubious but a private corporation, is the sole purveyor of this information. The emails Wikileaks received are not the same as DNCleaks document dump. there is zero connection between Russia and Wikileaks. the Guccifer 2.0/DNCleaks information was cover to muddy the email leak from the DNC to Wikileaks so that they could claim a Russian hack. Why didn't the FBI interview Assange? you think that would be an important person to question. A Russian connection to any of the 2016 nonsense equates to memes on Facebook, 100K not 1 million, on all google platforms 4k by a marketing firm, not the Russian government. why did the US throw out the case against the marketing firm when they went to court?

  5. WikiLeaks proved that the real election meddling involved the media. The corporate media worked with Clinton campaign and DNC to screw over Bernie. And then they worked with the same two groups to fix Trump debates among other things.
    Of course the media is running with the Clinton excuse…it's how they get to pretend to be virtuous when in reality they helped rig two democratic leadership races in a row now.

  6. They have to keep pushing Russiagate to protect themselves. They have been part of the conspiracy to take down Trump. No, Krystal, there's no truth to Russiagate. Wikileaks wasn't working with Russia and the DNC was not hacked.

  7. At this point I see the people at CNN and MSNBC as full on Traitors. These people are propping up domestic terrorists and going of their way to shield them with propaganda, they push debunked conspiracy theories like Russiagate and demonize anyone that doesn't fall in line with their lies.
    These people want the country to burn if they can't win the election. They have made that very clear.

  8. Krystal, except everyone on both sides of the political aisle have been getting away without registering for years. When you're prepared to be even handed with this criticism ill take you more seriously.

  9. Buuut… the FBI started all of this fuckery.. HOW? With the Steele Dossier (which, was NEVER verified and put together by the Russians) bought and paid for by.. drumroll, please.. HILLARY & PALS.

  10. MSNBC aside, the GOP led Senate panel just confirmed Russian meddling and deep ties to the Trump administration, before it was an administration. Why are you both so intent on dismissing it? Yes, MSNBC is pretty shabbily partisan for the most part, but with the exception of Maddow, who is a fact based journalist.

  11. “Russia, if you’re listening, please commit a crime on my behalf so I can get elected. I’m sure all media that serves my interests will reward you by convincing their audiences that we aren’t the bad guys”.

  12. Strangely, Krystal and Saagar (and Taibbi and Greenwald and Mate) have failed to mention that the Senate Intelligence Committee (majority GOP) released the 5th and final volume of the Russia report. The Trump campaign did indeed work directly with Russian intel, and as an aside the Committee sent 5 criminal referrals to the DOJ (including Kushner, Don Jr and Bannon).

  13. I suggest all progressives to sign out of this channel – what started out as a pro-progressive channel that gave a fair hearing to Bernie and had reasonable critique of MSM, including Fox News has now been hijacked by Saagar and the libertarian right whose only target is the MSM and all democrats. If you cannot see that there is NO EQUIVALENCE between the Democrats and Republicans and between Fox and MSNBC, you are just blinded by a hatred for the Democratic party and the left. @Krystal Ball, if you have any integrity and are truly progressive, stop allowing Saagar to use you to attack Democrats. You have become the Colmes of Sagar’s Hannity- the token progressive. Pathetic!!!

  14. Saagar is right- every nation has an interest in the election and more than Russia, China and Iran are going to try to have some sort of influence in it.

  15. I am not sorry when I say that MSNBC, some liberals and the far left, including many Democrats, still believe that it doesn't matter what you say as long as it is loud enough and said often. They believe in the philosophy that "it's not what you say, but how you say it". Personally, I like substance in my discussions. Give me real facts and be prepared to back them up. Don't lip sync what is heard on some media channel or some pundit with obvious bias. If you can convince me otherwise, my mind is open and willing to change. Just don't speak from emotion. That just clouds the issue. CNN and MSNBC are a total waste of time.

  16. It’s NOT TRUE Krystal! The whole story about Russian hackers handing over the DNC emails to Wikileaks is just as made up as the rest of it! There was zero evidence presented to back that up.

  17. The books on Russiagate are still wide open!

    There are still far too many GD smoking guns to clean!

    First of all, Mueller did find danming evidence of obstruction of justice.

    One has to wonder then, "Why obstruct, if there's nothing to hide?"…

    Collusion maybe…Idk..

    Then there's Paul Manafort and Rick Gates being paid directly by Putin to do his dirty work in the Ukraine.
    Next thing you know, both Manafort and Gates are managing Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. ?

    WOW! Betcha they got at least one great reference for those lofty positions! ?

  18. ANYONE SO DILUTED to believe that RUSSIA has "interfered in our election once" is a MORON. Russia has been actively working to interfere with US Elections, policies, the government and its people since at least the 1950s. This is a FACT; JUST LIKE the fact that the US has been working to influence elections in other countries since – what the 1700s? At least. This argument is disingenuous at best – and at its worst PURE IGNORANCE or LIES. FINALLY the HACKING done by "Russians" in 2016 of the DNC REALLY only brought to light BAD ACTS and ILL WILL inside the DNC proving the cheating on the part of HILLARY and the fact that she STOLE the election from Sanders. Remember Wikileaks, these kinds of hacks and leaks are all heroic acts to "these people" until it is "their truth" that is exposed.

  19. i would be much more supportive if there wasn't the gigantic ignorance and blatant denial of Joe Biden & family's obvious corrupt financial exploits of political power…Ukraine? It's impossible to seriously respect your condemnation while you completely refuse to admit hypocrisy.

  20. All good except the completely unnecessary concession to the Russiagate narrative over Wikileaks. The leaks they got hold of: a) were true – this was good investigative journalism that journalists should be in favour of, not against; and b) the information was leaked from within the Democratic Party by a disgruntled employee – we know that the timestamp information on the data excludes the possibility that it was hacked. The case against Russiagate is opened and closed and we don't need to concede any points about it. The biggest influences on the US elections are, and have been for decades, the billionaire class within the US itself. Russiagate is and always was a smokescreen to distract from that fundamental fact, and we need to be holding the DNC's feet to the fire over that for as long as it takes to break the hold of this pernicious piece of pro-establishment propaganda.

  21. No country has interfered with other country’s elections more then the United States Democrats just ask ucraine joe Biden has been listed as a criminal . TRUMP 20/20 IVANKA 20/24

  22. There was a clip of Ben Rhoads who is a proven liar to the public and the press and who will probably have a role in a Biden Administration. Rhoads is a dangerous sick human being so cynical and dishonest he will do and say anything. See the public information about how he manipulated the press and lied to us all about the Iran deal and serious other matters.