Krystal and Saagar: MSNBC Viewers MELTDOWN At Michael Moore For Telling Truth About Biden

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Michael Moore’s comments that “Joe Biden will not excite the left” and that he is “this year’s Hillary Clinton.”

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  1. So as a republic where the federal government provides the guidance and support, and the states are responsible for instituting said guidelines how can the president be held responsible for local governments to go rouge and institute socialist and actual draconian rules to either push their own political agenda or counter the federal guidelines? Fact: most Democratic and anti Trump locales – have handled the Covid pandemic very poorly while most of the republican areas have done much better? Basically it’s all about politics and not about science, common sense or logic. Democrat run cities and states are IMO anti Trump. Voters will decide in November but the crazy polarizing news media is trying to make this country open season for outside influencers to take over our country. Red

  2. Woman please work on your talking voice, it's almost as Annoying as the Chic on The Young Turds !!!. You can train you voice and make it listening friendly !!!.

  3. THE JOKER: When never Trumpers go live on MSNBC, not bats an eyelash, because it's all part of the plan. But when little ol' Michael Moore shows up, then everyone loses their minds.

  4. As a kid I loved waking up on the weekends to watch Tom n Jerry cartoons while enjoying a big bowl of frosted flakes. As a grown up I love getting on youtube tuning into THE HILL rising The Week with KYRSTAL&SAAGAR

  5. One thing is for certain, Thank goodness our founding fathers had enough sense to just have in the consitution you can only be pres for 2 terms if Trump wins it will be his last 4 yrs thanks to our founding fathers, cause they knew some day the people would elect a nut in the white house sooner or laters yahooooooooooo

  6. why don't you looking to China Gate in and how far back the connection between China and both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama and Biden is a very very strong connection probably promises made and since Trump won in his promises broken

  7. Progressives are like parasitic leeches looking for free stuff but unable to find a host. They have to decide between Biden for meager crumbs or work for themselves and vote Trump.