Krystal and Saagar: NBC News tries to team up with Google to DESTROY independent media

Krystal and Saagar discuss NBC News’ apparent push to have Google remove conservative sites from the search giant’s ad platform.

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  1. We don't need outrage. We need lawsuits against Big Tech and TV Networks for destroying competition. There are laws on the books. You can also publish Congressional votes together with political contributions.

  2. These corporations have been deliberately destroying independent media. Google’s Youtube has been one of the most destructive force against independent media. Their algorithm doesn’t recommend independent media, all it recommends is msm all while demonetizing independent media. We need an alternative site where independent media can flourish unobstructed. It’s only going to get worst.

  3. nbc, the same people that paid Chelsea 600k – with the hope to get access to her mother. Add the employer of Brian "i mis remebered' Williams, Andrea 'mitch' Mitchell that manipulates words and images, and the list goes on.

  4. When they came for Alex Jones you said nothing and cheered. When they came for Milo, Loomer and other conservatives YOU said NOTHING, you reap what you sew so enjoy, its your own bias blue tie censorship coming back to bite you in the ass. The conservative right are making other platforms like Parler to counter Twitter and its getting bigger. You guys are hypocrites that have just realized that THEY WILL COME FOR YOU, idiots!!
    Ive watched you for months now and your always 2-3 steps behind the 8 ball and your competitors!!

  5. Most alternative media have been purchased and subverted. Chris Hedges said "I will be silenced." The site that published his weekly column, Truthdig, was shut down a few months ago. The oligarchy has 99% control of media but wants 100% so they are going after these sites with tiny readership. Totalitarian societies are always like that. Total, 100% control. NOT 99.99%. 100% straight.

  6. Note that this attach on free speech is not actually coming from "the left." It's coming from mainstream, corporate media. Please be clear about that.