Krystal and Saagar: NEW Evidence Emerges For Lab Leak Hypothesis As Fauci Does TOTAL 180

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss the media’s change in coverage of the coronavirus “lab leak theory.”

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  1. The facts of the CCP through January 2020 show glaring cover-ups. Further, it shows that they took action to protect their country while continuing to allow flights in an out of Wuhan to world airports. The liars were interested in directing attention away from themselves. Those liars included major figures at NIH and WHO. Fact Checker of Big Tech were only suppressing inspection of truth.

  2. Faucci only meant that we need to know about the origin of the virus. And not that he supports the ''Lab Leak'' theory. The origin is very much significant in dealing with the virus and to prevent future pandemics of this scale. Hope you guys fired up the ''conspiracy theory'' of lab origin theory.

  3. American Army should detain Dr Fauci Gain of Function Bill Gates ,George Soros Henry Kissinger ,butcher from Sarajevo Mandolina Albright and imprison them in Guantanamo bay for conspiracy against USA and the whole world for creating Covid19 World pandemic.

  4. another thing is, a lot of people would only see the 1st article tucker carlson's guest and advertising conspiracies on c19…. and then abunch of other twits will write their own articles based on that one and the same thing wont happen with the 2nd one or retraction….

  5. As someone who works in genetics (plants admitedly, but have some knowledge of COVID because lots of people who are working and coming up in this field do) this isn't hard to parse what is happening here. New evidence came out, and so scientists are changing their opinion. In 2020, a lot of evidence was in favor the the hypothesis that COVID-19 was a zoonotic virus that jumped from bats who lived in horrible conditions at the Wuhan wet market (a zoonotic virus ideal breeding ground: lots of different species, all basically pooping on each other). People did effectively a historical genetic analysis of the original Chinese COVID strain and (mostly) everyone came to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence of this being a man-made virus based on the differences between COVID and original SARs/the most likely analog Bat virus. Now with this information about potential Lab-leak sick researchers, there is evidence and reason to go and continue to investigate this theory (as Fauci states). Let's see where this goes as if evidence comes about that Lab-leak is accurate, that will be a very important data point for the scientific community and the cautuon with which we treat gain-of-fucntion research and the potential dangers it can have for our world at large. Genetic research can do a lot of good for our world, but genetic research safety measures also likely need to be more stringent to prevent future probelms. Other organisms and not just viruses or other pathogens could do something similar to COVID-19 assuming Lab-leak is accurate. the damage Covid has done has been catastrophic, but the damage other gain-of-function mutant organisms can do is both potentially larger and more sinister as by the time we notice the problem in our ecosystems it will be far too late EXACTLY like what happened with COVID.

  6. I think it is very likely this was a man made virus released from the Wuhan lab, quite possibly on purpose. I imagine they had hoped that the virus would be much more deadly than it ended up being given the way they treated response vs response to swine flu and SARS. Everyone needs to wake up and at least question what we are being told by a government that does not have our best interests and freedoms in mind.

  7. Oh my. Trump was right, left was not right, left moves right, and truth eventually becomes clear. Repeat of many news stories over the last 5 years.

  8. Still painting Fauci with cute Rosie glasses and saying it makes sense why people people would be skeptical of Donald Trump. I'll never watch these morons again haha

  9. Krystal and Saagar also have their own biases and not everything they say can be trusted either. Although they do seem to side with Trump on issues like Russiagate and how the virus came from Chi-Nuh.

  10. As a scientist myself, I hear a lot of vague postulating, circumstantial evidence, and conjecture regarding this "lab leak" hypothesis. That's not to discount any one single possible origin for a given phenomenon, but there's no reason to suspect a lab leak is more likely than a zoonotic transmission. Saagar's argument that there's more evidence for the former than the latter simply isn't true and ignores basic virology genomics and infectious disease ecology.

    Is the lab leak hypothesis plausible? Sure, it always has been, Trump or no Trump. But it's never been more plausible to this day (May 2021), than zoonotic transmission. The latter is still far more probable. This is contrarian Saagar looking to "own the lamestream media" more than anything else.

  11. Now that they've had nearly two years to destroy evidence and get their stories in line, we are NOW going to investigate?

  12. I wouldn't be surprised anymore if these Q messages (although never heard of them until MSM started worrying about it ?) aren't as 'conspiracy' as they first seemed to be.

    PS: Given what's happening, I actually do hope they are true, because something is really wrong for sure.. ???

  13. Lab evidence is gone however, the CCP, after closing travel in China, due to the virus danger, did knowingly send infected from Wuhan to the world.

  14. If Trump was right, it was almost certainly on complete accident. There was no data. Throw out enough wild claims and one will be right.

  15. Should not be implying that it was engineered. There are reports of mystery illnesses in workers near a bat colony earlier in the year. It is entirely probable that the lab was studying a new natural virus and it escaped.

  16. I love how it’s called lab leak hypothesis when we all know that’s very clearly the most likely scenario and always has been. Seriously why would we have ever believed otherwise, it’s always pointed to that lab.

  17. See, this is a problem: you guys don't seem to quite get how science works.

    All scientific conclusions are tentative, pending new data.
    I cannot possibly emphasize that enough.

    If a scientist does a 180, don't assume they're being dishonest. If they have scientific integrity/objectivity, they'll change their mind when they discover they were wrong… and that's precisely how science is supposed to work.

    Now, to be fair, Fauci did shoot himself in the foot by saying masks don't work for political reasons, and so his credibility isn't great, but this is larger than Fauci, so don't focus on him if anyone replies to me: my criticism is of how people think science works and how scientists are supposed to behave or talk. If a scientist isn't right the first time and changes their mind when they get new data, you lot act like they're lying. Every time.
    (And it's even worse when dealing with, for example, creationists; believe me, this big-print, easy-reader version of science pervades the public discourse. It's a shame; our education system is garbage in the US.)

  18. there was a article in politico back in 2018 about wuhan lab and faults with poor lockdown and leaks from that lab ,had a group of leaks and breaches ,allso the experts checked all wildlife for a cross over mutated sars 2 to cov 19 and not one case anywere so it leaked from the lab and they covered it up