Krystal and Saagar: New Poll Reveals Biden’s BIGGEST Vulnerability

Krystal and Saagar weigh in on polling by Pew Research that reveals more voters believe who wins the election, “really matters.”

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  1. Damn Ball is bang on when she's talking about how each side can't give an inch, even if it's true, for fear of the other side having an advantage… All because of the existential threat/fear each side feels. That is why shit is crazy and SO dishonest….

  2. The biggest divide in this country is the divide between people who get all their information from television versus those who get it from the internet.

    Television is the culprit for limiting our political language. They are the culprit for pushing the lesser of two evils campaign. People who get their information from the internet universally have more information. It may not all be correct, but they definitely have more. The net result though is that the internet side of society have a much deeper understanding of pretty much any topic there is.

  3. Herpes as a candidate would get the "any but Trump" vote.
    It's pathetic that you guys are still talking about Biden as if he's a candidate. You know he's suffering significant cognitive decline if not full on dementia. So, instead of earning your keep by talking about the election, why not focus instead on the obvious – the Democratic Party is scamming the American voter, and this whole two years long charade is a slap in America's face: All this while the planet burns.

  4. People are going out and we need to go the polls to vote ,with all the s. T dems have pulled in 2020 that was lies, if you are lieing in congress death by hanging then it will stop

  5. Biden is the only Dem candidate even they are awared Biden has no way to win …it's don't matter it pre-plan Biden will be President. Later biden resigns for kamala take over ….now the next person is the planned one torun over the country.
    Biden is just a smoke-screen.

  6. I like the fact that Krystal is confident intelligent and JUST snarky enough to hold pols feet to the fire. The fact that she is also pretty good looking fit and fashionable allow this viewer to watch and listen to her leanings without demonizing her.

  7. The Republicans have been playing the politics of fear since the 60s. They melded that with Reagan's jingoism in the 80s. And now the Democrats are–once again!–trying to beat the Republicans at their own game. Meanwhile neither party addresses a single substantial problem facing this country. And the majority of voters won't punish them for that, because they are so afraid that any 'disloyalty' to their 'team' will contribute to the other side winning. Life doesn't get better by letting fear rule you. We have to build the future we want, and that means rejecting the obstacles in our way in both parties, even if that means taking some minor losses along the way. And, yes, Trump winning again, as bad as it is, is a very minor loss compared to our inaction on healthcare, climate, and wealth distribution.

  8. Did he just equate being pro-reparations to being a total identitarian sell-out? Excuse me, but I can be pro-reparations while understanding that we face racism as well as ELITISM.

  9. The virus is NOT more deadly as any flue!
    If corporate medical establishments ( the oligarchs ) would allow real doctors who practice true medicine, to tell us the scientific facts that 99.93% of people in the risk group (!) could be safe. And that number is less than what a regular influenza kills every year. But the evil lords just won’t give up their power’

  10. People are afraid to go to the polls? They go to the grocery store, don't they? They go and social distance everywhere else, they can do it at the polls. People who think illogically like they can't go to the polls can request a mail in ballot which is legal and authorized, where as mailing out ballots results in ballots being thrown out and then they could be picked up by someone else resulting in voter fraud.

  11. His biggest problem is everyone thinking he will win. Trump has not lost any supporters. Any gain he makes in the polls is new supporters. Biden's drop mean he is losing supporters.
    2016 all over again. Who will the dems blame this time.

  12. well i understand why biden in starting to drop

    i get why someone would vote against trump

    but what i don,t get is this

    why would someone vote FOR biden besides getting trump out of the whitehouse ?

    he is against everything people want and need

    and wants to keep everything the people want to get rid of

    and he has been for 40 years in power doing exactly that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is better to stay at home and don,t vote ,

    i wont validate the corruption of the party elites

    remember if the difference between exitpolls and the vote is bigger than 4% the vote is internationally considered questionable

    biden almost only won digital easily fixed voting states

    and close to all of them with a difference of 7% to 11% between exitpolls and the vote count

    that is a factor of close to 2 or 3 times worst as mere questionable

    what if you vote for alzheimer joe and get him for 8 years and than again a republican ,,,,, that is a minimum of 8 years of misery

    let trump fix his ''great'' economy for 4 extra years and than get someone who the people actually want

  13. Biden wins the Democrats will loose the house based on these polls in 2022 and any other democrat who is running for reelection in 2022 where they won in a close race ie Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers who barely beat Scott Walker. Democrats are motivated by hope, change and hate. Biden wins change and hate are gone Biden gives hope i doubt that

  14. Excellent piece guys. The MSM are sellouts and people are looking for honest journalism. Just tell the truth, no matter how it may affect your political alignment because in the end having the best qualified and honest person at the helm is what's best for the country. That's why there's such a boom in independent media right now.

  15. till we can face the TRUTH, we can't face the lie, whats the Elephant in the room, all people will be able to vote because if its postal Vote, they do not see colour, everybody can vote. Blacks who are educated who would have Voted Republican can Vote for the first time. Most Blacks know the Democrats use them to win elections, and have never done anything for the Black Race in America.

  16. how bad a politician is.. does not matter.. everyone runs on how much worse the other guy is. That is the ONLY selling point. We are not allowed to select our own candidates.. we are ONLY given a choice of a stocked cesspool of candidates to choose from. THAT is NOT a choice!

  17. Am I the only one who thinks the grassroots populism is a little bit disingenuous, especially given that it is astro-turfed by the pro-Trump The Hill? Pretty much everything it does either subtly supports Trump or suppresses the Democratic vote. If they were really populist, they would be pointing out that a billionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth who spent his entire term helping out corporate interests and enriching himself and his allies never was a populist.

  18. "KAMALA HARRIS" that is Biden's newest and biggest vulnerability. How come no one is talking about her
    "discrete and indirect" relationship with Stephen Mnuchin??? WHO REFUSED TO PROSECUTE STEPHEN MNUCHIN'S



  19. Biden will be 32 years older than Clinton was the day Clinton took office. I just can't believe they couldn't come up with someone with some juice left in them. Even Carter's brain seems to work better at 95 than Biden's does.

  20. This graph at 11:40 is so laughable!! The sycophantic, corporate conservative media bias shows through. They not only put their thumb on the scales, but their full body weight, plus a dump truck and a freight train. You get the point. Everything they say is BS and is nothing but lies, propaganda, misinformation and RW talking points!

    The corrupt MSM wants people to think everything is even – Steven, a 50-50 split, when in reality both parties have been Right-of-center for decades. The Neo-Liberal, corporate conservative Dems have been marching rightward for 40+ years, so they are firmly planted at #5 going to #6 on the graph!

    The GOP/ conservative, neo-fascists starting with Reagan, then GW Bush and now King Trumpo are a #7 going to #8!! That’s how radical they are, but the lazy, shallow, corporate conservative media will never tell you the damn truth. Not their stink’in problem, it’s your!!

    This is why conservatives/ Neo-Liberals always get corporate welfare, um socialism, (tax cuts/ tax loopholes/ tax havens) for the wealthy elites/ corporations, endless wars, Wall St Bailouts, bloated MIC, privatization, gutting of Social Programs, endless corruption, ultra-conservative judges, and grifting without paying for any of it while the “people” will never get M4All, living wage, Green New Deal, infrastructure spending, legalization of marijuana, etc… while paying for all of it!!

    We’re screwed people!!

  21. This Lady is pretty smart… but like in any game, when you manage on analytics alone, you take out that gut feeling. And Trump gut feeling way of managing. Thats why the guy is always winning. Trump should not have won in 2016 and he should not win in 2020. But yet he will win and serve 8 yrs. Cuz the DNC is out of touch with regular working Americans. Not the coast Americans…. Middle America. If the Dems spent less time trying to take Trump out the last 4 yrs and really focused on A Game plan. They wouldn't be at this point looking tired and out of fresh ideas.

  22. For long term future, I feel the best case scenario might be Trump winning the presidency but losing all of congress to progressives. Then, I think Andrew Yang should become a Republican and save that party. Then, political reform is inevitable, and America can evolve into a multiparty system, where administrations are formed by coalition forming a majority. That way, a majority of people is represented at all times and the 51% issues are finally on top of the agenda.

  23. Krystal just LIED, Trump did assure the post office was funded. Fake news he did not want to fund the post office. It has already been debunked.

    They have said they have monies right now to make all the changes they want to do. Stated they are already ready for mail-in ballots and have the monies in an account to make more
    improvements in the future. There are no monies being withheld. That is a false conspiracy theory being fake news spread. Registered Voters, request your absentee ballot right now. If you are not registered, do it NOW. In my state, you can do it online right now.