Krystal and Saagar: New Study Shows Shy Trump Voters VERY Real For 2020 Polling

Krystal and Saagar discuss a study from Bloomberg News that shows Trump voters refuse to participate truthfully in polls out of fear of social ramifications.

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  1. If this is true, gotta ask why this is? Hmm..could it be the possible intolerance and violent behavior of those on the left that cant fathom anyone not agreeing with whatever nonsense they have their head filled with? Marxist university professors and school administrators who either agree or choose to look the other way are to blame for whats happening to this country..with certain politicians embracing the hateful ideology in a desperate attempt to either maintain or gain power in Washington. Disgraceful..

  2. I get excited when my phone says "Possible Spam" on a phone call. I keep thinking its going to be a pollster calling me! Never fails that it is for the auto warranty.

  3. what is definitive is their skewed over estimation of likely voters, i'm willing to bet there are going to be a disproportionate number of previous regular voters who this time are so polarized to the point of feeling they have no choice but to abstain from voting. there is no way they could ever vote for trump, especially after seeing how much he's deliberately done to weaken america, but at the same time could never in good conscience vote for Biden either because they know that in his own way he is just as incompetent as trump. this election is going to prove to be the biggest "non of the above" vote in america's history…..

  4. ***This is BullS__t Trump Supporters don't hide, they don't care that he disparages veterans, he's destroying environment, the constitution, Democracy, giving Putin a pass on everything***

    They don't care that wealth inequality is the highest it's ever been in U S History
    They don't care that 187,000 Americans died running out of PPE, remdesivir and 1000 Americans dying everyday

    They don't care that we are closer to 1861 again than we have ever been.
    Strong arming communities in a race war with a full Military of 1.4 million vs a POC population of "80,000,000 and another 180,000,000 allies is not the way to Unite a Nation
    America will not go back to "Jim Crow" America, Police at voting locations
    I think Trump Forgot The Crowds around the World
    I Think he does not pay attention to the crowds in the streets of Belarus fighting against an extorted election and for Democracy

    They don't care that he fires an inspector general(the watchdogs for Government Fraud and Abuse) every 2 months and has Dejoy Privatizing the United States Post Office an American Institute.

    The insult to our entire intelligence Agencies to have Radcliffe with zero intelligence experience head that department over Commander Joseph Maguire & Deputy DNI Susan M Gordon with more than 50 years of intelligence experience

    Has removed more than 60 Major Officials of integrity in less than 3 1/2 years Every department of government run by a loyalist, not an expert.
    Not a Presidency, A 3rd World Banana Republic with a weaponized Justice department, no different than Belarus going after private citizens, FBI, CIA, threatening American Ambassadors.
    Why do think State Department has 35% vacancies

    Trump and Republicans will take away The Affordable Care Act one week after election already scheduled by Supreme Court of The United States.
    Trump Supporters if taking away the ACA was going to be good for You, You Know Trump there would have been a Rose Garden Celebration, he would not have postponed kicking 50 million off their healthcare.

    Trump took healthcare from his own terminally ill Nephew he does not care about you if Trump $5 Billion Betsy $2 Billion Jared $800 million Steve $400 Million and their Autocrat Friends will make money will bankrupt you or watch you and your family members die or go bankrupt, lose homes as is what happened by a 35% increase before the ACA of 2010

    *****If any of you think you Know The Narcissist that will burn this country down, sell it to Putin, destroy it's environment as with the locust mentality that led to 6 bankruptcies.
    *****Watch Politics & Prose Sep 8 2016" "The Making of Donald Trump"
    You Mirror, Your Vote

  5. Why would they even admit to have made a lie in the polls? How big is the amount of people that lie on this question, too? "so you are a republican"? yes "did you lie on whom you did vote?" yes -> so he is a closet trump voter.

  6. You do realize there are shy Democratic voters too?I live in a very conservative town and won’t even put a Biden sign out in my yard for fear of people damaging my house/property or threatening me.

  7. The MORE that Krystal & Saager and the producers revert to "POLLS" for storylines and articles the More & More they sound like the "UnEnlightened" Main Stream media they are purporting to disalign from ~

  8. This is actually why trump won initially. They thought they could just throw Clinton on and it would be her turn, as if the presidency was a carnival ride and she had next.
    The exasperation of trump is too much though. We need a 3rd party desperately.
    Neither represent us anymore, but at least the GOP is pretending to while they rob us blind with corporatist agendas. The dems don't even have the decency to pretend.

  9. so, this is crap science and guess work. the 2016 polling metric has been adjusted for this and other metrics. the overall 2016 polls were pretty accurate. Biden knows he needs a larger lead in certain states and his negatives are no where near Clinton's in 2016. trade talks will be fun because Biden needs to wait and attack the "new" nafta during the debates because nothing changed and the same people negotiated this one. labor and workers were not in the room or considered! Trump screwed up when he signed that one!