Krystal and Saagar: NSA CONFIRMS It UNMASKED Tucker Carlson

Krystal and Saagar share their perspective on the new report confirming the NSA unmasked Tucker Carlson

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Written by Breaking Points


  1. The NSA statement wasn't misleading. It was accurate. Maybe if you're not a moron…you'd know those calls were monitored. Also…important part…Tucker isn't a journalist.

  2. Oh god you guys are getting as bad as Tucker. If the NSA bothered to release a statement already, sometimes you just have to take things in face value. Imagine how your relationships would be if you knit pick every nuance. Like sorry honey I’m loving her now, I mean I’m leaving here now, damn auto-correct! Stop speculating on it, Tucker is a clown, don’t turn into a clown show like his is, please.

  3. I don't get the outrage here honestly. Dude was talking to the Kremlin, the NSA wanted to see who it was.

    I dunno I'm fine with the NSA watching any American talking to the god damn Kremlin.

  4. The Biden NSA is spying on Tucker?

    Wow then that doesn't fit the timeline when he was trying to get an interview with Putin.

    Thanks for vomiting up a half of a story. I'm about to get a link to this from my crazy relitives.

  5. Tucker is unmasked. Who cares? I dont care. He is a media personality and he chose to interact with russians with the risk of talking to their intelligence agencies. He knew the risks.

  6. WELCOME TO THE FASCIST CORPORATIST SURVEILLANCE POLICE STATE! Seriously! What's new? America has been aping the soviet politburo and the east German Stasi since the 1960s. On steroids since the 1980s, and the so-called 'moral majority' which was neither. Everyone is being spied on all the time, and now with social media it's on super steroids (Zuckerberg/Fascistbook). So, really, who gives a fuck about Tucker Carlson? He's just another emotionally infantile right-wing traitor and terrorist (remember the clownish bow tie?). He's a talking head and poster boy for neo-fascists. His Fox show should be called "The Chicken-Little Show". Only 1% of the American populace watch him (or anyone on Fox/DNCNN/MSDNC). ONLY 1%! It's like Rush Limbaugh who got more attention via the democrats than through his direct audience. ONLY 1%!

  7. One day I like to see Breaking Points start using information gathered not from what is easily available on MSM and dissecting it to fit some narrative, but some real investigative journalism that MSM is at least willing to put real money into instead of whatever you guys constitute as news, you guys are the 'anti-establishment' political pundits , not investigative journalists out there doing the ground work, its a youtube political debate channel taking what's already there and using it to shape your interpretation of it instead of gathering it yourselves and then making it factual instead of this opinionated based understanding of what is given to you. do some real work and do some investigative work instead of parroting you are not MSM any and every chance you get, this shit is getting boring as fuck…

  8. So Krystal and Saagar are you gonna champion for this for one half of your news audience or ignore and go back to talking down to the unvaccinated crowd?
    Just curious! ??‍♂️

  9. Yes, he was in contact with foreign National… it shocks me your all surprised by that. This is usa's S.O.P. this is not new.

  10. You two are no different that all those media stooges who have nothing better to do than to stir up s__t among the population. You are all directly responsible for bringing Americans to the bridge of revolution. The fact that government can no longer govern is in great part attributed to media commentators who constantly and persistently raise hell at every opportunity and do nothing to unite the country. You thrive on controversy and propose nothing of value to reduce tensions and seek compromise, bipartisanship and unity. This is exactly why America has lost its way and its status in the world. Thanks in great part to you we are now the laughing stock of the planet.

  11. The truth is they fear Tucker Carlson would run in 2024, so they're trying to cripple him before he even gets to start a campaign and gain momentum. It's so obvious they are terrified of Trump and Tucker.

    This is messed up because it's no different than a foreign dictator silencing their political opposition to make sure they stay in power. Leftists who cheer this on have then pretend to oppose fascism are the worst. They'll only wake up when the DNC goes after a progressive. And even thrn they might fall for the propaganda.