Krystal and Saagar: OUTRAGE After Biden Pushes Internet Death Penalty For ‘Misinformation’

Krystal and Saagar react to the Biden administration’s pressuring of Facebook to crackdown on perceived misinformation

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  1. The lower-middle class, working class, and poor class, used to have a strong team of fighters on their side, ready to defend them. These fighters were called, the Democratic Party.

  2. Well you guys define anyone questioning the vaccines as anti-vax so what's the difference? You also do not include any dissenting opinion to the narrative, like blaming the unvaccinated for everything and anything without data. There is also ivermectin. There is also T-cell immunity for those who had covid already which is 10x more effective than the vaccine.

  3. Don't forget, the RIGHT WING media is FLOODING the red states with MISINFORMATION about COVID and the vaccine! The Repugnicans are hoping to gain seats in the Mid terms over American dead bodies!

  4. Misinformation coming from fake foreign profiles…just like on YouTube. Funny though because I signed back up for Facebook 10 minutes ago to get in touch with an old friend and my account was flagged instantly and wanted a photo of me to verify. LOL um no.

  5. Internet death penalty… that's a good way to put it. And they still pretend that it's "just private corporations, they can do what they want" when the president himself tries to push them to certain decisions.

  6. What is it with white people in this country wanting to control others. Doesn't matter which party. You all always need to have the power, huh? It's that important to you to be in control of everything, isn't it? Must be genetic.

  7. Which law gives the government the right to dictate Facebook what to host on their platform? Trump couldn't tell Zuckerberg what to do. How can Biden?

  8. Covid mutates. The more unvaxxed ppl out there the greater the likelihood of another variant popping up. Shoukd be common sense. Too many uneducated, misinformed people out there.

  9. It isn't just Palestinians they go after… Anyone who disagrees with ANYTHING Israel is labelled anti-semtic and should be punished according to them. Why does Israel have this much influence over the US? Russians aren't doing this, Israel is. Dems, GOP, and big tech suck up to them.

  10. If you lead a horse to an apple on a fencepost, you get to watch a horse eat an apple off of a fencepost.
    — This censorship has forced me to resort to coded messages. I think everybody here agrees about horses although some might disagree about the fencepost solution. Meet me at the corner of Elm and MLK. We will get Slurpees and discuss further.