Krystal and Saagar: PROOF Undercover Cops Present On January 6th

Krystal and Saagar go over the newest information about the FBI’s connection to the 1/6 Capitol riot

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  1. The riot leading to the patriot act 2.0 agenda is totally not obvious at all. The people in the 3-letter agencies think so little of us and our ability to put 2+2 together lol.

  2. Government agents created the "the attack" and create fake plots so they can get pay raises and will never solve any problems, that would be working themselves out of a job. They are using fake narratives to punish political opponents and to make more money for themselves.

  3. Saagar seems more upset about elite media sensationalist outrage monger and trust fund baby Tucker Carlson than a violent insurrection, while he denies what happened and what it meant to our country. Stop saying it was probably traumatizing and you don't want to diminish it, and then do everything to diminish it. Is Saagar just trying to emulate the sensationalist style of Tucker to get clicks? It doesn't make you a better news program than MSM to constantly grift off their failures. How about some intelligent discussion? Who ordered the understaffing? Why are all these agencies covering this up? Why are the Republicans refusing an investigation? Who failed or refused to send in reinforcements? Why are they not investing in the people who are police and instead increasing the war machine and how might that be used to assist the next insurrection? NOT TRUE that there was only 1 death, but I. guess for Saagar there needs to be more than 3000 dead to matter. I guess what I am supposed to learn from this is that only children who were imprinted by 911 have legitimate trauma. Everyone else is a crybaby. Go deeper. Unless this show is just more news as outrage entertainment.

  4. I don't understand what is wrong or surprising about FBI agents going undercover inside of domestic terror groups. Don't see how thats a bad thing.

  5. January 6 was an inside job with the goal to discredit Trump and his voters. They wanted to impeach Trump and infiltrated a peaceful protest with agitators to support the narrative that Trump supporters were the violent ones, as they ignored Antifa/ BLM.

  6. There's going to be some serious Pikachu faces next time a Republican takes office and turns all this shit back on the left.

    They better hope HR1 passes so they'll at least get 2 more terms before the Republican landslide happens.

  7. If they do set up these remote sites to monitor threats….any Congressional Member who says the Insurrection was a "tourist event," does NOT need to be protected, and any threats made to them, should be seen as "tourist comments," and thereby, not serious. Silly tourists and all.

  8. Don't you think, just maybe, Saagar, they are doing this in an attempt to back the CP who want an investigation by Congress? Maybe it's their way of countering the Republican tourist-washing they are doing of the insurrection? Maybe. I can see your side, but have you asked them??????

  9. There needed to be a distraction on Jan 6th so as to derail testimony in the Capitol. And, yes, the surveillance state is growing. Whoever thought the postal service would become a social media spy agency? And why do we still not know who shot Ashleigh Babbitt? You think we wouldn't know if she'd been a Democrat?

  10. Jan 6th selfies reveal a lot. These people acted like tourists. Not terrorists. All rounded up to face justice.. Yet, BLM looters, arsonists and murders are just mostly peaceful protestors. Makes perfect sense.

  11. We already know the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. are criminal government agencies. Remember Comey the Clown?? Brennan the Liar?? Clapper the Back peddler?? They're CNN contributors now, aren't they?? Remember RUSSIAGATE?? A planned Hoax to take down a sitting President?? The entire government is organized crime. Man, how clear does it need to be?? I'm no Trump fan but the difference between how the media reported on him vs Biden is sickening. They aren't journalists on any level. They are a wing of the Democratic Party. Obviously. Now the Hunter "Picasso" Biden art fiasco. Can you IMAGINE if Don Jr. did this?? If would be repeated 24/7. Pelosi's inside trading. And a President they clap for when he drives a CAR. The problem wasn't Trump. He was a symptom of both parties selling out Americans to corporate donors and Wall St. YEARS AGO. Let's just face it. It's way past the point of no return guys. Corruption is the status quo. And there will NEVER be any accountability. The mainstream media no different now than the old USSR. Not one bit.

  12. Let's not forget George Floyd…. the HERO. I was disgusted by what happened to him. But let's face it. The guy was a scumbag on every level. Ask the pregnant woman he robbed at gunpoint with his buddies. Guys looking to straighten out there past, change their lives don't get high on Fentynal. Would you have wanted him as YOUR neighbor?? The MSM repeats what they are told to by their Corporate owners to further an agenda that benefits THEM.

  13. Krystal. Stop opinions. Just stick to news. Slipping in your opinions using adjectives like grift without proof of grift makes you no different that msm. Asking the questions is what you do. Name calling I can find anywhere

  14. this has ciia written all over it, setup from the start, all it takes is 1 to instigate direction which this would go an give the dems cover for what they were doing.

  15. I watched the entire speech from Trump and I never heard him encourage anyone to go riot- he said make your voices heard but not to be destructive? There are plenty of FBI Agents that are corrupt and just like Police Officers the good ones won’t speak out against them. Research FBI Agent Gundersom and his work into pedophiles and child trafficking and how he was shut down by superiors when presenting his case against a politician in Nebraska (Ronald King I believe) -Trump is the only President to openly speak out against Trafficking of adults and children…and that scared many at the top. In my opinion at least.