Krystal and Saagar REACT: Biden says if you believe Tara Reade, don’t vote for me

Krystal and Saagar watch Joe Biden’s MSNBC interview where he states, “If you believe Tara Reade you probably shouldn’t vote for me.”

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  1. If sexual assault is not disqualifying after all, give Al Franken back his office!
    Personally I have a sneaking suspicion that if voters send this message to rapists everywhere, reigning in that behavior in the future will become that much harder. Just like Trump’s awful sayings set a bad example for the nation, so this blind eye will come back to bite us!

  2. It’s not a savvy answer. It’s his answer for everything. If you dont like me vote for the other guy. If you believe Tara then don’t vote for me. It’s his only answer. Biden is a same answer kinda guy. He just adds or takes away some parts of it to make it sort of work as an answer. The senility is strong with this one.

  3. Hahahahahahah sure!!!!!! I aint voting for you demented clown anyways ??. Ask him that question again he probably forgotten what he just said. Joe biden: did i just said that “don’t vote for me” oooops!!!!

  4. Too many things pop up like moles from the ground re. Tara Reade…. Yet another: “..after news reports this week that Antioch University had disputed her claim of receiving a bachelor’s degree from its Seattle campus.”

  5. Maybe it did happen maybe it didn't, but, I will say I find it very interesting that the claim was immediately after she was informed she was to be terminated after having been caught(and later convicted) of check fraud